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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.9
import 'dart:collection';
import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:svg' as svg;
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
import 'package:expect/minitest.dart';
// Test for `querySelectorAll(xxx).classes.op()` where the query returns mixed
// Html and Svg elements.
Element makeElementsContainer() {
var e = new Element.html('<ul class="yes foo">'
'<li class="yes quux qux">'
final svgContent = r"""
<svg version="1.1">
<circle class="yes qux"></circle>
<path class="yes classy"></path>
final svgElement = new svg.SvgElement.svg(svgContent);
return e;
Element elementsContainer;
/// Test top-level querySelectorAll with generics.
topLevelQuerySelector() {
var noElementsTop = querySelectorAll<svg.PathElement>('.no');
expect(noElementsTop.length, 0);
expect(noElementsTop is List, true);
// Expect runtime error all elements in the list are not the proper type.
Expect.throwsAssertionError(() => querySelectorAll<svg.CircleElement>('path'),
'All elements not of type CircleElement');
var simpleElems = querySelectorAll('circle');
expect(simpleElems.length, 1);
expect(simpleElems is List, true);
expect(simpleElems is List<dynamic>, true);
expect(simpleElems is List<svg.CircleElement>, false);
expect(simpleElems[0] is svg.CircleElement, true);
var varElementsFromTop = querySelectorAll<svg.CircleElement>('circle');
expect(varElementsFromTop.length, 1);
expect(varElementsFromTop is List, true);
expect(varElementsFromTop is List<svg.CircleElement>, true);
expect(varElementsFromTop[0] is svg.CircleElement, true);
expect(varElementsFromTop is List<svg.PathElement>, false);
expect(varElementsFromTop[0] is svg.PathElement, false);
List<svg.CircleElement> elementsFromTop =
expect(elementsFromTop is List, true);
expect(elementsFromTop is List<svg.CircleElement>, true);
expect(elementsFromTop[0] is svg.CircleElement, true);
expect(elementsFromTop.length, 1);
ElementList<Element> elementsSetup() {
elementsContainer = makeElementsContainer();
var elements = document.querySelectorAll('.yes');
expect(elements.length, 4);
return elements;
void elementsTearDown() {
if (elementsContainer != null) {
elementsContainer = null;
/// Returns a canonical string for Set<String> and lists of Element's classes.
String view(var e) {
if (e is Set) return '${e.toList()..sort()}';
if (e is Element) return view(e.classes);
if (e is Iterable) return '${}';
throw new ArgumentError('Cannot make canonical view string for: $e}');
main() {
Set<String> extractClasses(Element el) {
final match = new RegExp('class="([^"]+)"').firstMatch(el.outerHtml);
return new LinkedHashSet.from(match[1].split(' '));
test('list_view', () {
// Test that the 'view' helper function is behaving.
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, quux, qux, yes]');
'[[foo, yes], [quux, qux, yes], [qux, yes], [classy, yes]]');
test('listClasses=', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes = ['foo', 'qux'];
expect(view(elements.classes), '[foo, qux]');
expect(view(elements), '[[foo, qux], [foo, qux], [foo, qux], [foo, qux]]');
var elements2 = document.querySelectorAll('.qux');
expect(view(elements2.classes), '[foo, qux]');
expect(view(elements2), '[[foo, qux], [foo, qux], [foo, qux], [foo, qux]]');
for (Element e in elements2) {
expect(e.classes, equals(['foo', 'qux']));
expect(extractClasses(e), equals(['foo', 'qux']));
elements.classes = [];
expect(view(elements2.classes), '[]');
expect(view(elements2), '[[], [], [], []]');
test('listMap', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect( => c.toUpperCase()).toList(),
unorderedEquals(['YES', 'FOO', 'QUX', 'QUUX', 'CLASSY']));
test('listContains', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect(elements.classes.contains('classy'), isTrue);
expect(elements.classes.contains('troll'), isFalse);
test('listAdd', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
var added = elements.classes.add('lassie');
expect(added, isFalse);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, lassie, quux, qux, yes]');
'[[foo, lassie, yes], [lassie, quux, qux, yes], '
'[lassie, qux, yes], [classy, lassie, yes]]');
test('listRemove', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect(elements.classes.remove('lassi'), isFalse);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, quux, qux, yes]');
'[[foo, yes], [quux, qux, yes], [qux, yes], [classy, yes]]');
expect(elements.classes.remove('qux'), isTrue);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, quux, yes]');
expect(view(elements), '[[foo, yes], [quux, yes], [yes], [classy, yes]]');
test('listToggle', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, quux, qux, yes]');
'[[foo, qux, yes], [quux, yes], [yes], [classy, qux, yes]]');
test('listAddAll', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.addAll(['qux', 'lassi', 'sassy']);
view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, lassi, quux, qux, sassy, yes]');
'[[foo, lassi, qux, sassy, yes], [lassi, quux, qux, sassy, yes], '
'[lassi, qux, sassy, yes], [classy, lassi, qux, sassy, yes]]');
test('listRemoveAll', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.removeAll(['qux', 'classy', 'mumble']);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[foo, quux, yes]');
expect(view(elements), '[[foo, yes], [quux, yes], [yes], [yes]]');
elements.classes.removeAll(['foo', 'yes']);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[quux]');
expect(view(elements), '[[], [quux], [], []]');
test('listToggleAll', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.toggleAll(['qux', 'mornin']);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, mornin, quux, qux, yes]');
'[[foo, mornin, qux, yes], [mornin, quux, yes], '
'[mornin, yes], [classy, mornin, qux, yes]]');
test('listRetainAll', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.retainAll(['bar', 'baz', 'classy', 'qux']);
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, qux]');
expect(view(elements), '[[], [qux], [qux], [classy]]');
test('listRemoveWhere', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.removeWhere((s) => s.startsWith('q'));
expect(view(elements.classes), '[classy, foo, yes]');
expect(view(elements), '[[foo, yes], [yes], [yes], [classy, yes]]');
test('listRetainWhere', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
elements.classes.retainWhere((s) => s.startsWith('q'));
expect(view(elements.classes), '[quux, qux]');
expect(view(elements), '[[], [quux, qux], [qux], []]');
test('listContainsAll', () {
var elements = elementsSetup();
expect(elements.classes.containsAll(['qux', 'mornin']), isFalse);
expect(elements.classes.containsAll(['qux', 'classy']), isTrue);