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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library tracer;
import 'package:kernel/text/indentation.dart' show Indentation;
import '../compiler_new.dart' as api;
import 'options.dart' show CompilerOptions;
import 'ssa/nodes.dart' as ssa show HGraph;
import 'ssa/ssa_tracer.dart' show HTracer;
import 'world.dart' show JClosedWorld;
/// Dumps the intermediate representation after each phase in a format
/// readable by IR Hydra.
class Tracer extends TracerUtil {
final JClosedWorld closedWorld;
bool traceActive = false;
final api.OutputSink output;
final RegExp traceFilter;
Tracer._(this.closedWorld, this.traceFilter, this.output);
factory Tracer(JClosedWorld closedWorld, CompilerOptions options,
api.CompilerOutput compilerOutput) {
String pattern = options.dumpSsaPattern ?? TRACE_FILTER_PATTERN_FOR_TEST;
if (pattern == null) return Tracer._(closedWorld, null, null);
var traceFilter = RegExp(pattern);
var output =
compilerOutput.createOutputSink('', 'cfg', api.OutputType.debug);
return Tracer._(closedWorld, traceFilter, output);
bool get isEnabled => traceFilter != null;
void traceCompilation(String methodName) {
if (!isEnabled) return;
traceActive = traceFilter.hasMatch(methodName);
if (!traceActive) return;
tag("compilation", () {
printProperty("name", methodName);
printProperty("method", methodName);
printProperty("date", new;
void traceGraph(String name, var irObject) {
if (!traceActive) return;
if (irObject is ssa.HGraph) {
new HTracer(output, closedWorld).traceGraph(name, irObject);
void close() {
if (output != null) {
abstract class TracerUtil {
api.OutputSink get output;
final Indentation _ind = new Indentation();
void tag(String tagName, Function f) {
void println(String string) {
void printEmptyProperty(String propertyName) {
String formatPrty(x) {
if (x is num) {
return '${x}';
} else if (x is String) {
return '"${x}"';
} else if (x is Iterable) {
return => formatPrty(s)).join(' ');
} else {
throw "invalid property type: ${x}";
void printProperty(String propertyName, value) {
println("$propertyName ${formatPrty(value)}");
void add(String string) {
void addIndent() {