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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dart2js.enqueue;
import 'dart:collection' show Queue;
import 'common/codegen.dart';
import 'common/tasks.dart' show CompilerTask;
import 'common/work.dart' show WorkItem;
import 'common.dart';
import 'common_elements.dart' show ElementEnvironment;
import 'constants/values.dart';
import 'compiler.dart' show Compiler;
import 'elements/entities.dart';
import 'elements/types.dart';
import 'inferrer/types.dart';
import 'js_backend/annotations.dart';
import 'js_backend/backend.dart' show CodegenInputs;
import 'js_backend/enqueuer.dart';
import 'universe/member_usage.dart';
import 'universe/resolution_world_builder.dart';
import 'universe/world_builder.dart';
import 'universe/use.dart'
import 'universe/world_impact.dart'
show ImpactStrategy, ImpactUseCase, WorldImpact, WorldImpactVisitor;
import 'util/enumset.dart';
import 'util/util.dart' show Setlet;
import 'world.dart' show JClosedWorld;
class EnqueueTask extends CompilerTask {
ResolutionEnqueuer resolutionEnqueuerForTesting;
bool _resolutionEnqueuerCreated = false;
CodegenEnqueuer codegenEnqueuerForTesting;
final Compiler compiler;
String get name => 'Enqueue';
EnqueueTask(Compiler compiler)
: this.compiler = compiler,
ResolutionEnqueuer createResolutionEnqueuer() {
_resolutionEnqueuerCreated = true;
ResolutionEnqueuer enqueuer = compiler.frontendStrategy
.createResolutionEnqueuer(this, compiler)
..onEmptyForTesting = compiler.onResolutionQueueEmptyForTesting;
if (retainDataForTesting) {
resolutionEnqueuerForTesting = enqueuer;
return enqueuer;
Enqueuer createCodegenEnqueuer(
JClosedWorld closedWorld,
GlobalTypeInferenceResults globalInferenceResults,
CodegenInputs codegenInputs,
CodegenResults codegenResults) {
Enqueuer enqueuer = compiler.backendStrategy.createCodegenEnqueuer(this,
closedWorld, globalInferenceResults, codegenInputs, codegenResults)
..onEmptyForTesting = compiler.onCodegenQueueEmptyForTesting;
if (retainDataForTesting) {
codegenEnqueuerForTesting = enqueuer;
return enqueuer;
abstract class Enqueuer {
/// If `true` the checking for unenqueued members is skipped. The current
/// implementation registers parameter usages as a side-effect so unit
/// testing of member usage we need to test both with and without the
/// enqueuer check.
// TODO(johnniwinther): [checkEnqueuerConsistency] should not have
// side-effects.
static bool skipEnqueuerCheckForTesting = false;
WorldBuilder get worldBuilder;
void open(ImpactStrategy impactStrategy, FunctionEntity mainMethod,
Iterable<Uri> libraries);
void close();
/// Returns [:true:] if this enqueuer is the resolution enqueuer.
bool get isResolutionQueue;
bool queueIsClosed;
bool get queueIsEmpty;
ImpactUseCase get impactUse;
void forEach(void f(WorkItem work));
/// Apply the [worldImpact] to this enqueuer. If the [impactSource] is
/// provided the impact strategy will remove it from the element impact cache,
/// if it is no longer needed.
void applyImpact(WorldImpact worldImpact, {var impactSource});
bool checkNoEnqueuedInvokedInstanceMethods(
ElementEnvironment elementEnvironment);
/// Check the enqueuer queue is empty or fail otherwise.
void checkQueueIsEmpty();
void logSummary(void log(String message));
Iterable<MemberEntity> get processedEntities;
Iterable<ClassEntity> get processedClasses;
abstract class EnqueuerListener {
/// Called to instruct to the backend that [type] has been instantiated.
void registerInstantiatedType(InterfaceType type,
{bool isGlobal: false, bool nativeUsage: false});
/// Called to notify to the backend that a class is being instantiated. Any
/// backend specific [WorldImpact] of this is returned.
WorldImpact registerInstantiatedClass(ClassEntity cls);
/// Called to notify to the backend that a class is implemented by an
/// instantiated class. Any backend specific [WorldImpact] of this is
/// returned.
WorldImpact registerImplementedClass(ClassEntity cls);
/// Called to register that a static function has been closurized. Any backend
/// specific [WorldImpact] of this is returned.
WorldImpact registerGetOfStaticFunction();
/// Called to register that [function] has been closurized. Any backend
/// specific [WorldImpact] of this is returned.
WorldImpact registerClosurizedMember(FunctionEntity function);
/// Called to register that [element] is statically known to be used. Any
/// backend specific [WorldImpact] of this is returned.
WorldImpact registerUsedElement(MemberEntity member);
/// Called to register that [value] is statically known to be used. Any
/// backend specific [WorldImpact] of this is returned.
WorldImpact registerUsedConstant(ConstantValue value);
void onQueueOpen(
Enqueuer enqueuer, FunctionEntity mainMethod, Iterable<Uri> libraries);
/// Called when [enqueuer]'s queue is empty, but before it is closed.
/// This is used, for example, by the JS backend to enqueue additional
/// elements needed for reflection. [recentClasses] is a collection of
/// all classes seen for the first time by the [enqueuer] since the last call
/// to [onQueueEmpty].
/// A return value of `true` indicates that [recentClasses] has been
/// processed and its elements do not need to be seen in the next round. When
/// `false` is returned, [onQueueEmpty] will be called again once the
/// resolution queue has drained and [recentClasses] will be a superset of the
/// current value.
/// There is no guarantee that a class is only present once in
/// [recentClasses], but every class seen by the [enqueuer] will be present in
/// [recentClasses] at least once.
bool onQueueEmpty(Enqueuer enqueuer, Iterable<ClassEntity> recentClasses);
/// Called when to the queue has been closed.
void onQueueClosed();
/// Called after the queue has been emptied.
void logSummary(void log(String message));
abstract class EnqueuerImpl extends Enqueuer {
CompilerTask get task;
void checkClass(ClassEntity cls);
void processStaticUse(MemberEntity member, StaticUse staticUse);
void processTypeUse(MemberEntity member, TypeUse typeUse);
void processDynamicUse(DynamicUse dynamicUse);
void processConstantUse(ConstantUse constantUse);
EnqueuerListener get listener;
// TODO(johnniwinther): Initialize [_impactStrategy] to `null`.
ImpactStrategy _impactStrategy = const ImpactStrategy();
ImpactStrategy get impactStrategy => _impactStrategy;
void open(ImpactStrategy impactStrategy, FunctionEntity mainMethod,
Iterable<Uri> libraries) {
_impactStrategy = impactStrategy;
listener.onQueueOpen(this, mainMethod, libraries);
void close() {
// TODO(johnniwinther): Set [_impactStrategy] to `null` and [queueIsClosed]
// to `true` here.
_impactStrategy = const ImpactStrategy();
/// Check enqueuer consistency after the queue has been closed.
bool checkEnqueuerConsistency(ElementEnvironment elementEnvironment) {
task.measureSubtask('resolution.check', () {
// Run through the classes and see if we need to enqueue more methods.
for (ClassEntity classElement
in worldBuilder.directlyInstantiatedClasses) {
for (ClassEntity currentClass = classElement;
currentClass != null;
currentClass = elementEnvironment.getSuperClass(currentClass)) {
return true;
/// [Enqueuer] which is specific to resolution.
class ResolutionEnqueuer extends EnqueuerImpl {
static const ImpactUseCase IMPACT_USE =
const ImpactUseCase('ResolutionEnqueuer');
final CompilerTask task;
final String name;
final EnqueuerListener listener;
final Set<ClassEntity> _recentClasses = new Setlet<ClassEntity>();
bool _recentConstants = false;
final ResolutionEnqueuerWorldBuilder _worldBuilder;
WorkItemBuilder _workItemBuilder;
final DiagnosticReporter _reporter;
final AnnotationsData _annotationsData;
bool queueIsClosed = false;
WorldImpactVisitor _impactVisitor;
final Queue<WorkItem> _queue = new Queue<WorkItem>();
// If not `null` this is called when the queue has been emptied. It allows for
// applying additional impacts before re-emptying the queue.
void Function() onEmptyForTesting;
ResolutionEnqueuer(this.task, this._reporter, this.listener,
this._worldBuilder, this._workItemBuilder, this._annotationsData,
[ = 'resolution enqueuer']) {
_impactVisitor = new EnqueuerImplImpactVisitor(this);
ResolutionWorldBuilder get worldBuilder => _worldBuilder;
bool get queueIsEmpty => _queue.isEmpty;
void checkQueueIsEmpty() {
if (_queue.isNotEmpty) {
failedAt(_queue.first.element, "$name queue is not empty.");
Iterable<ClassEntity> get processedClasses => _worldBuilder.processedClasses;
void applyImpact(WorldImpact worldImpact, {var impactSource}) {
if (worldImpact.isEmpty) return;
impactSource, worldImpact, _impactVisitor, impactUse);
void _registerInstantiatedType(InterfaceType type,
{ConstructorEntity constructor,
bool nativeUsage: false,
bool globalDependency: false}) {
task.measureSubtask('resolution.typeUse', () {
_worldBuilder.registerTypeInstantiation(type, _applyClassUse,
constructor: constructor);
isGlobal: globalDependency, nativeUsage: nativeUsage);
bool checkNoEnqueuedInvokedInstanceMethods(
ElementEnvironment elementEnvironment) {
if (Enqueuer.skipEnqueuerCheckForTesting) return true;
return checkEnqueuerConsistency(elementEnvironment);
void checkClass(ClassEntity cls) {
(MemberEntity member, EnumSet<MemberUse> useSet) {
if (useSet.isNotEmpty) {
'Unenqueued use of $member: ${useSet.iterable(MemberUse.values)}');
}, checkEnqueuerConsistency: true);
/// Callback for applying the use of a [member].
void _applyMemberUse(Entity member, EnumSet<MemberUse> useSet) {
if (useSet.contains(MemberUse.NORMAL)) {
if (useSet.contains(MemberUse.CLOSURIZE_INSTANCE)) {
if (useSet.contains(MemberUse.CLOSURIZE_STATIC)) {
impactSource: 'get of static function');
/// Callback for applying the use of a [cls].
void _applyClassUse(ClassEntity cls, EnumSet<ClassUse> useSet) {
if (useSet.contains(ClassUse.INSTANTIATED)) {
_worldBuilder.processClassMembers(cls, _applyMemberUse);
// We only tell the backend once that [cls] was instantiated, so
// any additional dependencies must be treated as global
// dependencies.
impactSource: 'instantiated class');
if (useSet.contains(ClassUse.IMPLEMENTED)) {
impactSource: 'implemented class');
void processDynamicUse(DynamicUse dynamicUse) {
task.measureSubtask('resolution.dynamicUse', () {
_worldBuilder.registerDynamicUse(dynamicUse, _applyMemberUse);
void processConstantUse(ConstantUse constantUse) {
task.measureSubtask('resolution.constantUse', () {
if (_worldBuilder.registerConstantUse(constantUse)) {
impactSource: 'constant use');
_recentConstants = true;
void processStaticUse(MemberEntity member, StaticUse staticUse) {
task.measureSubtask('resolution.staticUse', () {
_worldBuilder.registerStaticUse(staticUse, _applyMemberUse);
// TODO(johnniwinther): Add `ResolutionWorldBuilder.registerConstructorUse`
// for these:
switch (staticUse.kind) {
constructor: staticUse.element, globalDependency: false);
void processTypeUse(MemberEntity member, TypeUse typeUse) {
DartType type = typeUse.type;
switch (typeUse.kind) {
_registerInstantiatedType(type, globalDependency: false);
nativeUsage: true, globalDependency: true);
case TypeUseKind.IS_CHECK:
case TypeUseKind.CATCH_TYPE:
case TypeUseKind.AS_CAST:
if (_annotationsData.getExplicitCastCheckPolicy(member).isEmitted) {
case TypeUseKind.IMPLICIT_CAST:
if (_annotationsData.getImplicitDowncastCheckPolicy(member).isEmitted) {
if (_annotationsData.getParameterCheckPolicy(member).isEmitted) {
case TypeUseKind.TYPE_LITERAL:
if (type is TypeVariableType) {
case TypeUseKind.RTI_VALUE:
case TypeUseKind.TYPE_ARGUMENT:
failedAt(CURRENT_ELEMENT_SPANNABLE, "Unexpected type use: $typeUse.");
assert(type is TypeVariableType);
void _registerIsCheck(DartType type) {
void _registerNamedTypeVariableNewRti(TypeVariableType type) {
void _registerClosurizedMember(MemberEntity element) {
impactSource: 'closurized member');
void _forEach(void f(WorkItem work)) {
do {
while (_queue.isNotEmpty) {
// TODO(johnniwinther): Find an optimal process order.
WorkItem work = _queue.removeLast();
if (!_worldBuilder.isMemberProcessed(work.element)) {
List<ClassEntity> recents = _recentClasses.toList(growable: false);
_recentConstants = false;
if (!_onQueueEmpty(recents)) {
} while (
_queue.isNotEmpty || _recentClasses.isNotEmpty || _recentConstants);
void forEach(void f(WorkItem work)) {
if (onEmptyForTesting != null) {
void logSummary(void log(String message)) {
log('Resolved ${processedEntities.length} elements.');
String toString() => 'Enqueuer($name)';
Iterable<MemberEntity> get processedEntities =>
ImpactUseCase get impactUse => IMPACT_USE;
bool get isResolutionQueue => true;
void close() {
// Null out _workItemBuilder to release memory (it internally holds large
// data-structures unnecessary after resolution.)
_workItemBuilder = null;
/// Registers [entity] as processed by the resolution enqueuer. Used only for
/// testing.
void registerProcessedElementInternal(MemberEntity entity) {
/// Create a [WorkItem] for [entity] and add it to the work list if it has not
/// already been processed.
void _addToWorkList(MemberEntity entity) {
if (_worldBuilder.isMemberProcessed(entity)) return;
WorkItem workItem = _workItemBuilder.createWorkItem(entity);
if (workItem == null) return;
if (queueIsClosed) {
entity, "Resolution work list is closed. Trying to add $entity.");
impactSource: 'used element');
/// [_onQueueEmpty] is called whenever the queue is drained. [recentClasses]
/// contains the set of all classes seen for the first time since
/// [_onQueueEmpty] was called last. A return value of [true] indicates that
/// the [recentClasses] have been processed and may be cleared. If [false] is
/// returned, [_onQueueEmpty] will be called once the queue is empty again (or
/// still empty) and [recentClasses] will be a superset of the current value.
bool _onQueueEmpty(Iterable<ClassEntity> recentClasses) {
return listener.onQueueEmpty(this, recentClasses);
class EnqueuerImplImpactVisitor implements WorldImpactVisitor {
final EnqueuerImpl enqueuer;
void visitDynamicUse(MemberEntity member, DynamicUse dynamicUse) {
void visitStaticUse(MemberEntity member, StaticUse staticUse) {
enqueuer.processStaticUse(member, staticUse);
void visitTypeUse(MemberEntity member, TypeUse typeUse) {
enqueuer.processTypeUse(member, typeUse);
void visitConstantUse(MemberEntity member, ConstantUse constantUse) {
/// Interface for creating work items for enqueued member entities.
abstract class WorkItemBuilder {
WorkItem createWorkItem(covariant MemberEntity entity);