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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dart2js.backend_strategy;
import 'common.dart';
import 'common/codegen.dart';
import 'common/tasks.dart';
import 'deferred_load/output_unit.dart' show OutputUnitData;
import 'enqueue.dart';
import 'elements/entities.dart';
import 'inferrer/types.dart';
import 'io/source_information.dart';
import 'js_backend/backend.dart';
import 'js_backend/enqueuer.dart';
import 'js_backend/inferred_data.dart';
import 'js_emitter/code_emitter_task.dart';
import 'js_model/locals.dart';
import 'serialization/serialization.dart';
import 'ssa/ssa.dart';
import 'universe/codegen_world_builder.dart';
import 'world.dart';
/// Strategy pattern that defines the element model used in type inference
/// and code generation.
abstract class BackendStrategy {
List<CompilerTask> get tasks;
FunctionCompiler get functionCompiler;
CodeEmitterTask get emitterTask;
/// Create the [JClosedWorld] from [closedWorld].
JClosedWorld createJClosedWorld(
KClosedWorld closedWorld, OutputUnitData outputUnitData);
/// Registers [closedWorld] as the current closed world used by this backend
/// strategy.
/// This is used to support serialization after type inference.
void registerJClosedWorld(JClosedWorld closedWorld);
/// Called when the compiler starts running the codegen.
/// Returns the [CodegenInputs] objects with the needed data.
CodegenInputs onCodegenStart(
GlobalTypeInferenceResults globalTypeInferenceResults);
/// Creates an [Enqueuer] for code generation specific to this backend.
CodegenEnqueuer createCodegenEnqueuer(
CompilerTask task,
JClosedWorld closedWorld,
GlobalTypeInferenceResults globalInferenceResults,
CodegenInputs codegen,
CodegenResults codegenResults);
/// Called when code generation has been completed.
void onCodegenEnd(CodegenInputs codegen);
/// Creates the [SsaBuilder] used for the element model.
SsaBuilder createSsaBuilder(
CompilerTask task, SourceInformationStrategy sourceInformationStrategy);
/// Creates a [SourceSpan] from [spannable] in context of [currentElement].
SourceSpan spanFromSpannable(Spannable spannable, Entity currentElement);
/// Creates the [TypesInferrer] used by this strategy.
TypesInferrer createTypesInferrer(JClosedWorld closedWorld,
GlobalLocalsMap globalLocalsMap, InferredDataBuilder inferredDataBuilder);
/// Calls [f] for every member that needs to be serialized for modular code
/// generation and returns an [EntityWriter] for encoding these members in
/// the serialized data.
/// The needed members include members computed on demand during non-modular
/// code generation, such as constructor bodies and and generator bodies.
EntityWriter forEachCodegenMember(void Function(MemberEntity member) f);
/// Prepare [source] to deserialize modular code generation data.
void prepareCodegenReader(DataSource source);
/// Generates the output and returns the total size of the generated code.
int assembleProgram(JClosedWorld closedWorld, InferredData inferredData,
CodegenInputs codegenInputs, CodegenWorld codegenWorld);