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import 'dart:convert';
class _IdentityConverter<T> extends Converter<T, T> {
T convert(T input) => input;
/// A [Codec] that performs the identity conversion (changing nothing) in both
/// directions.
/// The identity codec passes input directly to output in both directions.
/// This class can be used as a base when combining multiple codecs,
/// because fusing the identity codec with any other codec gives the other
/// codec back.
/// Note, that when fused with another [Codec] the identity codec disppears.
class IdentityCodec<T> extends Codec<T, T> {
const IdentityCodec();
Converter<T, T> get decoder => _IdentityConverter<T>();
Converter<T, T> get encoder => _IdentityConverter<T>();
/// Fuse with an other codec.
/// Fusing with the identify converter is a no-op, so this always return
/// [other].
Codec<T, R> fuse<R>(Codec<T, R> other) => other;