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* Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
* for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
* BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
* @description
import "dart:html";
import "../../testcommon.dart";
import "../../../Utils/async_utils.dart";
import "../../resources/testharness.dart";
import "pwd.dart";
getComputedStyle(x, [pseudoElement]) => x.getComputedStyle(pseudoElement);
main() {
var index = document.getElementsByTagName("style").length; // skip test framework's ones
var style = new Element.html(r'''
d\eeeex {}
D\eeeeX {}
x { background-image: url('http://w/\aaaa/1b\aaaa.gif'); }
y { background-image: url(http://w/\aaaa/1b\aaaa.gif); }
''', treeSanitizer: new NullTreeSanitizer());
document.body.setInnerHtml('''<!-- Intentionally left empty -->''', treeSanitizer: new NullTreeSanitizer());
test(() {
var styleElm = document.getElementsByTagName("style")[index];
assert_not_equals(styleElm, null, "Style element exists");
var stylesheet = styleElm.sheet;
assert_not_equals(stylesheet, null, "style.sheet exists");
var rules = stylesheet.cssRules;
assert_equals(rules.length, 4, "cssRules.length == 4");
assert_equals(rules[0].selectorText, "d\ueeeex", "Lowercase identifier with escapes");
assert_equals(rules[1].selectorText, "d\ueeeex", "Uppercase identifier with escapes");
assert_equals(rules[2].style.cssText, "background-image: url(http://w/%EA%AA%AA/1b%EA%AA%AA.gif);", "Escaped url string");
assert_equals(rules[3].style.cssText, "background-image: url(http://w/%EA%AA%AA/1b%EA%AA%AA.gif);", "Escaped url without string");
}, "Correctly parsed identifier with escapes");