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  1. 73fa4da Fixes #1275: Test expectations corrected. by iarkh · 13 hours ago master
  2. 21d1800 Fixes #1274: LanguageFeatures/Super-parameters/summary_A04_t02 test corrected: Expect.approxEquals is used instead of Expect.equals for the double comparing. by iarkh · 25 hours ago
  3. f65194c Issue #1244: LanguageFeatures/Constructor-tear-offs/unnamed_constructor_A06_t01 test should not run for dart2js because it uses mirrors. by iarkh · 27 hours ago
  4. 0f50a2f #1262. Roll failures fixed by sgrekhov · 5 days ago
  5. 522af08 #1258. Enhanced Enums semantics tests added by sgrekhov · 5 days ago

co19 - Dart language and library conformance test suite

This repository contains conformance tests for Dart language and Dart runtime libraries

Files in this test suite are only considered tests if their filenames match the regexp r"t[0-9]{2}.dart$"