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  1. 6113d01 Fixes #1342. Expect STATIC_WARNING.INVALID_NULL_AWARE_OPERATOR for C?.foo (#1347) by Sergey G. Grekhov · 11 hours ago master
  2. 9849573 Fix type of onError. (#1339) by Paul Berry · 8 weeks ago
  3. 8f22acf Update expected errors after recent CFE udpates in Enhanced Enums (#1336) by Chloe Stefantsova · 3 months ago
  4. 6604c07 Adjust locations of errors reported by CFE in Enhanced Enums tests (#1334) by Chloe Stefantsova · 3 months ago
  5. a493409 Remove extra expected CFE errors that are no longer reported (#1331) by Chloe Stefantsova · 3 months ago

co19 - Dart language and library conformance test suite

This repository contains conformance tests for Dart language and Dart runtime libraries

Files in this test suite are only considered tests if their filenames match the regexp r"t[0-9]{2}.dart$"