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  1. 6410b37 Late variables tests changed according to the spec (await and late final) by sgrekhov · 11 hours ago master
  2. a7b6797 Fixes #514. It's a warning to use null-aware operator on type Never by sgrekhov · 15 hours ago
  3. ca606c4 Fixes #513. It's a warning to use function type with ! operator by sgrekhov · 16 hours ago
  4. 670ee56 Fixes #515. Second write to local final late variable is a compile error not a runtime one by sgrekhov · 16 hours ago
  5. 92cdc99 Fixed Issue #511: test assertion updated. by iarkh · 4 days ago

co19 - Dart language and library conformance test suite

This repository contains conformance tests for Dart language and Dart runtime libraries

Files in this test suite are only considered tests if their filenames match the regexp r"t[0-9]{2}.dart$"