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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library Libraries_and_Scripts_A01_t01_lib;
abstract class I {}
abstract class J<T> {}
class A {}
class B extends A {}
class C extends I {}
class D extends J<String> {}
f() {}
g(p1, p2) => p1 + p2;
A h([p1, p2]) {
return new A();
typedef typeF();
typedef int typeG();
typedef void typeH(p1, p2);
final x = 'x';
String y = 'y';
var z;
int? a, b, c = 1;
get getX {}
set setY(p) {}
external double extF(int);
external get extGet;
external set extSet(int);
enum E {a, b, c}