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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// @assertion For set literals with element type T, the static type is always
/// Set<T>, but static analysis will reject an assignment of a non-constant set
/// literal to a type that is not a super-type of LinkedHashSet<T> (an implicit
/// down-cast below the type LinkedHashSet<T>), and of a constant set literal to
/// a type that is not a super-type of Set<T> (that is, any implicit down-cast).
/// @description Check runtime type of set literals expressions
/// @author
import "../../Utils/expect.dart";
import "dart:collection";
// Class overriding `==`.
class C {
final int id;
final String name;
int get hashCode => id;
bool operator==(Object other) => other is C && id ==;
String toString() => "C($id, $name)";
main() {
Expect.isTrue({} is LinkedHashMap<dynamic, dynamic>);
Expect.isTrue(<int, int>{} is LinkedHashMap<int, int>);
Expect.isTrue(<int>{} is LinkedHashSet<int>);
Expect.isTrue({1: 1} is LinkedHashMap<int, int>);
Expect.isTrue({1} is LinkedHashSet<int>);
Iterable<int> v6 = {};
Expect.isTrue(v6 is LinkedHashSet<int>);
Map<int, int> v7 = {};
Expect.isTrue(v7 is LinkedHashMap<int, int>);
Object v8 = {};
Expect.isTrue(v8 is LinkedHashMap<dynamic, dynamic>);
Iterable<num> v9 = {1};
Expect.isTrue(v9 is LinkedHashSet<num>);
Iterable<num> v10 = <int>{};
Expect.isTrue(v10 is LinkedHashSet<int>);
Set<int> v11 = {};
Expect.isTrue(v11 is LinkedHashSet<int>);
const v12 = {};
Expect.isTrue(v12 is Map<dynamic, dynamic>);
const v13 = {1};
Expect.isTrue(v13 is Set<int>);
const Set v14 = {} ;
Expect.isTrue(v14 is Set<dynamic>);
Set v15 = const {4};
Expect.isTrue(v15 is Set<dynamic>);
var v16 = {1, 2, 3, 2, 1};
Expect.isTrue(v16 is LinkedHashSet<int>);
var l18 = const {1, 2};
Expect.isTrue(l18 is Set<int>);
var v19 = {C(1, "a"), C(2, "a"), C(1, "b")};
Expect.isTrue(v19 is LinkedHashSet<C>);
var v23 = {1, 2.5};
Expect.isTrue(v23 is LinkedHashSet<num>);
var v24 = {1, false};
Expect.isTrue(v24 is LinkedHashSet<Object>);
const v26 = {1, false};
Expect.isTrue(v26 is Set<Object>);