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* Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
* for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
* BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
* @assertion We say that a type T0 is a subtype of a type T1 (written T0 <: T1)
* when:
* Right Object: if T1 is Object then:
* - if T0 is an unpromoted type variable with bound B then T0 <: T1 iff
* B <: Object
* - if T0 is a promoted type variable X & S then T0 <: T1 iff S <: Object
* - if T0 is FutureOr<S> for some S, then T0 <: T1 iff S <: Object.
* - if T0 is S* for any S, then T0 <: T1 iff S <: T1
* - if T0 is Null, dynamic, void, or S? for any S, then the subtyping does not
* hold (per above, the result of the subtyping query is false).
* - Otherwise T0 <: T1 is true.
* @description Check that if T0 is FutureOr<S> for some S and S <: Object then
* T0 is subtype of T1
* @author
* @description Check that if type T0 is a subtype of a type T1, then instance
* of T0 can be be used as an argument of type T1. Test mixin members
* @author
* This test is generated from right_object_A04.dart and
* arguments_binding_x03.dart.
* Don't modify it. If you want to change this file, change one of the files
* above and then run generator.dart to regenerate the tests.
import '../../utils/common.dart';
// SharedOptions=--enable-experiment=non-nullable
import "dart:async";
class S {}
FutureOr<S> t0Instance = new Future.value(new S());
Object t1Instance = new Object();
class ArgumentsBindingMixin1_t03 {
Object m = t1Default;
void superTest(Object val) {}
void superTestPositioned(Object val, [Object val2 = t1Default]) {}
void superTestNamed(Object val, {Object val2 = t1Default}) {}
Object get superGetter => m;
void set superSetter(Object val) {}
class ArgumentsBinding1_t03 extends Object with ArgumentsBindingMixin1_t03 {
test(dynamic t1, dynamic t2) {
superTestPositioned(t2, t1);
superTestNamed(t2, val2: t1);
superSetter = t1;
m = t1;
class ArgumentsBindingMixin2_t03<X> {
void superTest(X val) {}
void superTestNamed(X val, {required X val2}) {}
void set superSetter(X val) {}
class ArgumentsBinding2_t03<X> extends Object with ArgumentsBindingMixin2_t03<X> {
test(dynamic t1, dynamic t2) {
superTestNamed(t2, val2: t1);
superSetter = t1;
main() {
ArgumentsBinding1_t03 c1 = new ArgumentsBinding1_t03();
c1.test(forgetType(t0Instance), t1Instance);
c1.superTestPositioned(t1Instance, forgetType(t0Instance));
c1.superTestNamed(t1Instance, val2: forgetType(t0Instance));
c1.superSetter = forgetType(t0Instance);
// Test type parameters
//# <-- NotGenericFunctionType
ArgumentsBinding2_t03<Object> c2 = new ArgumentsBinding2_t03<Object>();
c2.test(forgetType(t0Instance), t1Instance);
c2.superTestNamed(t1Instance, val2: forgetType(t0Instance));
c2.superSetter = forgetType(t0Instance);
//# -->