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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// @assertion The | regular expression operator separates two
/// alternatives. The pattern first tries to match the left Alternative (followed
/// by the sequel of the regular expression); if it fails, it tries to match the
/// right Disjunction (followed by the sequel of the regular expression). If the
/// left Alternative, the right Disjunction, and the sequel all have choice
/// points, all choices in the sequel are tried before moving on to the next
/// choice in the left Alternative. If choices in the left Alternative are
/// exhausted, the right Disjunction is tried instead of the left Alternative.
/// Any capturing parentheses inside a portion of the pattern skipped by |
/// produce undefined values instead of Strings.
/// @description Checks that a valid disjunction pattern works as described and
/// that the captured groups have correct values.
/// @3rdparty sputnik-v1:S15.10.2.3_A1_T1.js-S15.10.2.3_A1_T17.js
/// @author rodionov
import "../../../../Utils/expect.dart";
main() {
check("a|ab", "abc");
check("\\d{3}|[a-z]{4}", "2, 12 and of course repeat 12");
checkNeg("\\d{3}|[a-z]{4}", "2, 12 and 23 AND 0.00.1");
check("ab|cd|ef", "AEKFCD", ignoreCase: true);
checkNeg("ab|cd|ef", "AEKFCD");
check("11111|111", "1111111111111111");
check("xyz|...", "abc");
check("(ab|cd)+|ef", "AEKFCD",
ignoreCase: true, expectedGroups: ["CD", "CD"]);
check("(ab|cd)+|ef", "AEKFCDab",
ignoreCase: true, expectedGroups: ["CDab", "ab"]);
check("(ab|cd)+|ef", "AEKeFCDab",
ignoreCase: true, expectedGroups: ["eF", null]);
check("(.)..|abc", "abc", expectedGroups: ["abc", "a"]);
check(".+: gr(a|e)y", "color: grey", expectedGroups: ["color: grey", "e"]);
check("(Rob)|(Bob)|(Robert)|(Bobby)", "Hi Bob",
expectedGroups: ["Bob", null, "Bob", null, null]);
check("()|", "", expectedGroups: ["", ""]);
check("|()", "", expectedGroups: ["", null]);
check("((a)|(ab))((c)|(bc))", "abc",
expectedGroups: ["abc", "a", "a", null, "bc", null, "bc"]);
check("((a)|(b))c", "aebc", expectedGroups: ["bc", "b", null, "b"]);
void check(String pattern, String str,
{bool multiLine: false,
bool ignoreCase: false,
List<String?>? expectedGroups: null}) {
RegExp re =
new RegExp(pattern, multiLine: multiLine, caseSensitive: !ignoreCase);
Match fm = re.firstMatch(str) as Match;
if (null != expectedGroups) {
Expect.equals(expectedGroups.length, fm.groupCount + 1);
for (int i = 0; i <= fm.groupCount; i++) {
String? expGr = expectedGroups[i];
String? actGr =;
Expect.equals(expGr, actGr,
"Mismatch at group $i: \"$expGr\" expected instead of \"$actGr\"");
void checkNeg(String pattern, String str) {
RegExp re = new RegExp(pattern);
Expect.isNull(re.firstMatch(str), "\"$pattern\" ~ \"$str\"");