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  1. ed81684 Fix consent message formatting (#215) by Elias Yishak · 3 days ago main
  2. c4d515a Enum + event added for `commandUsageValues` (#211) by Elias Yishak · 4 days ago unified_analytics-v5.7.0
  3. c63dcb5 Added enum + event for timing events (#208) by Elias Yishak · 13 days ago unified_analytics-v5.6.0
  4. 6246bc8 [graphs] update analyzer dev dependency (#209) by Kevin Moore · 2 weeks ago
  5. 891671a [extension_discovery] Drop unneeded dependency on pkg:lints (#207) by Kevin Moore · 2 weeks ago


This repository is home to tooling related Dart packages. Generally, this means packages published through the publisher that don't naturally belong to other topic monorepos (like dart-lang/build, dart-lang/test, or dart-lang/shelf).


cli_configA library to take config values from configuration files, CLI arguments, and environment package
extension_discoveryA convention and utilities for package extension package
graphsGraph algorithms that operate on graphs in any representationpub package
unified_analyticsA package for logging analytics for all Dart and Flutter related tooling to Google package

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