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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import '../utils.dart';
import '../util/io.dart';
/// The directory in which the build package generates output.
final generatedDir = p.absolute('.dart_tool/build/generated');
/// Whether this package uses the build package.
final isInUse = new Directory(generatedDir).existsSync();
/// A list of the paths to all DDC modules included in the build output.
/// A "module" here refers to a collection of files generated from a single Dart
/// file, such as a `.linked.sum` file or a `.ddc.js` file. The paths don't have
/// any particular extension, and no particular extension is guaranteed to
/// exist.
final List<String> ddcModules = new Directory(generatedDir)
.listSync(recursive: true)
.map((entry) {
if (entry is! File) return null;
if (entry.path.endsWith(".ddc.js")) {
return trimSuffix(entry.path, ".ddc.js");
} else if (entry.path.endsWith(".ddc.js.errors")) {
return trimSuffix(entry.path, ".ddc.js.errors");
} else {
return null;
.where((path) => path != null)
/// Compiles [url] to JavaScript and returns the contents of the resulting file.
/// The [url] must be a `package:` URL.
Future<String> compile(String url) {
return withTempDir((dir) async {
var packagesDir = p.join(dir, 'packages');
new Directory(packagesDir).createSync();
// Copy the DDC summaries into the target directory so module root stuff
// will work properly.
await streamWait(
new Directory(generatedDir).list(),
(entry) => new Link(p.join(packagesDir, p.basename(entry.path)))
.create(p.join(p.absolute(entry.path), 'lib')));
var jsPathInDir = p.join(dir, 'out.dart.js');
var arguments = [
arguments.addAll(ddcModules.expand((path) {
var components = p.split(p.relative(path, from: generatedDir));
if (components[1] != 'lib') return [];
var package = components.first;
var pathInLib = p.joinAll(components.skip(2));
var summaryPath =
p.join(dir, "packages", package, "$pathInLib.linked.sum");
if (!new File(summaryPath).existsSync()) return [];
return ["--summary", summaryPath];
var buffer = new StringBuffer();
var process =
await Process.start(p.join(sdkDir, 'bin', 'dartdevc'), arguments);
await Future.wait([
var exitCode = await process.exitCode;
var output = buffer.toString();
if (output.isNotEmpty) print(output);
if (exitCode == 0) return new File(jsPathInDir).readAsStringSync();
throw "DDC failed to compile test infrastructure.\n"
"You may need to re-run `pub run build_runner build`.";