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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:stack_trace/stack_trace.dart';
import 'package:stream_channel/stream_channel.dart';
// ignore: deprecated_member_use
import 'package:test_api/backend.dart'
show Metadata, RemoteException, SuitePlatform;
import 'package:test_api/src/backend/group.dart'; // ignore: implementation_imports
import 'package:test_api/src/backend/test.dart'; // ignore: implementation_imports
import '../configuration.dart';
import '../environment.dart';
import '../load_exception.dart';
import '../runner_suite.dart';
import '../runner_test.dart';
import '../suite.dart';
/// A helper method for creating a [RunnerSuiteController] containing tests
/// that communicate over [channel].
/// This returns a controller so that the caller has a chance to control the
/// runner suite's debugging state based on plugin-specific logic.
/// If the suite is closed, this will close [channel].
/// The [message] parameter is an opaque object passed from the runner to
/// [PlatformPlugin.load]. Plugins shouldn't interact with it other than to pass
/// it on to [deserializeSuite].
/// If [mapper] is passed, it will be used to adjust stack traces for any errors
/// emitted by tests.
/// [gatherCoverage] is a callback which returns a hit-map containing merged
/// coverage report suitable for use with `package:coverage`.
RunnerSuiteController deserializeSuite(
String path,
SuitePlatform platform,
SuiteConfiguration suiteConfig,
Environment environment,
StreamChannel<Object?> channel,
Object /*Map<String, Object?>*/ message,
{Future<Map<String, dynamic>> Function()? gatherCoverage}) {
var disconnector = Disconnector<Object?>();
var suiteChannel = MultiChannel<Object?>(channel.transform(disconnector));
suiteChannel.sink.add(<String, Object?>{
'type': 'initial',
'platform': platform.serialize(),
'metadata': suiteConfig.metadata.serialize(),
'asciiGlyphs': Platform.isWindows,
'path': path,
'collectTraces': Configuration.current.reporter == 'json' ||
'noRetry': Configuration.current.noRetry,
'foldTraceExcept': Configuration.current.foldTraceExcept.toList(),
'foldTraceOnly': Configuration.current.foldTraceOnly.toList(),
...(message as Map<String, dynamic>),
var completer = Completer<Group>();
var loadSuiteZone = Zone.current;
void handleError(Object error, StackTrace stackTrace) {
if (completer.isCompleted) {
// If we've already provided a controller, send the error to the
// LoadSuite. This will cause the virtual load test to fail, which will
// notify the user of the error.
loadSuiteZone.handleUncaughtError(error, stackTrace);
} else {
completer.completeError(error, stackTrace);
}<Map<String, Object?>>().listen(
(response) {
switch (response['type'] as String) {
case 'print':
case 'loadException':
handleError(LoadException(path, response['message'] as Object),
case 'error':
var asyncError = RemoteException.deserialize(response['error']);
LoadException(path, asyncError.error), asyncError.stackTrace);
case 'success':
var deserializer = _Deserializer(suiteChannel);
deserializer.deserializeGroup(response['root'] as Map));
onError: handleError,
onDone: () {
if (completer.isCompleted) return;
LoadException(path, 'Connection closed before test suite loaded.'),
return RunnerSuiteController(
environment, suiteConfig, suiteChannel, completer.future, platform,
path: path,
onClose: () => disconnector.disconnect().onError(handleError),
gatherCoverage: gatherCoverage);
/// A utility class for storing state while deserializing tests.
class _Deserializer {
/// The channel over which tests communicate.
final MultiChannel _channel;
/// Deserializes [group] into a concrete [Group].
Group deserializeGroup(Map group) {
var metadata = Metadata.deserialize(group['metadata']);
return Group(
group['name'] as String,
(group['entries'] as List).map((entry) {
var map = entry as Map;
if (map['type'] == 'group') return deserializeGroup(map);
return _deserializeTest(map)!;
metadata: metadata,
trace: group['trace'] == null
? null
: Trace.parse(group['trace'] as String),
setUpAll: _deserializeTest(group['setUpAll'] as Map?),
tearDownAll: _deserializeTest(group['tearDownAll'] as Map?));
/// Deserializes [test] into a concrete [Test] class.
/// Returns `null` if [test] is `null`.
Test? _deserializeTest(Map? test) {
if (test == null) return null;
var metadata = Metadata.deserialize(test['metadata']);
var trace =
test['trace'] == null ? null : Trace.parse(test['trace'] as String);
var testChannel = _channel.virtualChannel(test['channel'] as int);
return RunnerTest(test['name'] as String, metadata, trace, testChannel);