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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include <platform/globals.h>
#include "../class_id.h"
#include "../object.h"
#include "../raw_object.h"
#include "backend/locations.h"
namespace dart {
namespace compiler {
namespace ffi {
// On all supported platforms, the minimum width an argument must be sign- or
// zero-extended to is 4 bytes.
constexpr intptr_t kMinimumArgumentWidth = 4;
// Storage size for an FFI type (extends 'ffi.NativeType').
size_t ElementSizeInBytes(intptr_t class_id);
// Unboxed representation of an FFI type (extends 'ffi.NativeType').
Representation TypeRepresentation(const AbstractType& result_type);
// Unboxed representation of an FFI type (extends 'ffi.NativeType') for 8 and 16
// bit integers.
SmallRepresentation TypeSmallRepresentation(const AbstractType& result_type);
// Whether a type which extends 'ffi.NativeType' also extends 'ffi.Pointer'.
bool NativeTypeIsPointer(const AbstractType& result_type);
// Whether a type is 'ffi.Void'.
bool NativeTypeIsVoid(const AbstractType& result_type);
// Location for the result of a C signature function.
Location ResultLocation(Representation result_rep);
#if !defined(TARGET_ARCH_DBC)
// Unboxed representations of the arguments to a C signature function.
ZoneGrowableArray<Representation>* ArgumentRepresentations(
const Function& signature);
// Unboxed representation of the result of a C signature function.
Representation ResultRepresentation(const Function& signature);
#endif // !defined(TARGET_ARCH_DBC)
#if defined(USING_SIMULATOR)
// Unboxed host representations of the arguments to a C signature function.
ZoneGrowableArray<Representation>* ArgumentHostRepresentations(
const Function& signature);
// Unboxed host representation of the result of a C signature function.
Representation ResultHostRepresentation(const Function& signature);
#endif // defined(USING_SIMULATOR)
// Location for the arguments of a C signature function.
ZoneGrowableArray<Location>* ArgumentLocations(
const ZoneGrowableArray<Representation>& arg_reps);
// Number of stack slots used in 'locations'.
intptr_t NumStackSlots(const ZoneGrowableArray<Location>& locations);
#if defined(TARGET_ARCH_DBC)
// The first argument to a ffi trampoline is the function address, the arguments
// to the call follow the function address.
const intptr_t kFunctionAddressRegister = 0;
const intptr_t kFirstArgumentRegister = 1;
// Location in host for the arguments of a C signature function.
ZoneGrowableArray<HostLocation>* HostArgumentLocations(
const ZoneGrowableArray<Representation>& arg_reps);
// A signature descriptor consists of the signature length, argument locations,
// and result representation.
class FfiSignatureDescriptor : public ValueObject {
explicit FfiSignatureDescriptor(const TypedData& typed_data)
: typed_data_(typed_data) {}
static RawTypedData* New(
const ZoneGrowableArray<HostLocation>& arg_host_locations,
const Representation result_representation);
intptr_t length() const;
intptr_t num_stack_slots() const;
HostLocation LocationAt(intptr_t index) const;
Representation ResultRepresentation() const;
const TypedData& typed_data_;
static const intptr_t kOffsetNumArguments = 0;
static const intptr_t kOffsetNumStackSlots = 1;
static const intptr_t kOffsetResultRepresentation = 2;
static const intptr_t kOffsetArgumentLocations = 3;
#endif // defined(TARGET_ARCH_DBC)
// This classes translates the ABI location of arguments into the locations they
// will inhabit after entry-frame setup in the invocation of a native callback.
// Native -> Dart callbacks must push all the arguments before executing any
// Dart code because the reading the Thread from TLS requires calling a native
// stub, and the argument registers are volatile on all ABIs we support.
// To avoid complicating initial definitions, all callback arguments are read
// off the stack from their pushed locations, so this class updates the argument
// positions to account for this.
// See 'NativeEntryInstr::EmitNativeCode' for details.
class CallbackArgumentTranslator : public ValueObject {
static ZoneGrowableArray<Location>* TranslateArgumentLocations(
const ZoneGrowableArray<Location>& arg_locs);
void AllocateArgument(Location arg);
Location TranslateArgument(Location arg);
intptr_t argument_slots_used_ = 0;
intptr_t argument_slots_required_ = 0;
} // namespace ffi
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace dart