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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "platform/atomic.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/flags.h"
#include "vm/isolate.h"
#include "vm/timer.h"
namespace dart {
DECLARE_FLAG(bool, compiler_stats);
DECLARE_FLAG(bool, compiler_benchmark);
#define STAT_TIMERS(V) \
V(parser_timer, "parser timer") \
V(scanner_timer, "scanner timer") \
V(codegen_timer, "codegen timer") \
V(graphbuilder_timer, "flow graph builder timer") \
V(ssa_timer, "flow graph SSA timer") \
V(graphinliner_timer, "flow graph inliner timer") \
V(graphinliner_parse_timer, "inliner parsing timer") \
V(graphinliner_build_timer, "inliner building timer") \
V(graphinliner_ssa_timer, "inliner SSA timer") \
V(graphinliner_opt_timer, "inliner optimization timer") \
V(graphinliner_subst_timer, "inliner substitution timer") \
V(graphoptimizer_timer, "flow graph optimizer timer") \
V(graphcompiler_timer, "flow graph compiler timer") \
V(codefinalizer_timer, "code finalization timer")
#define STAT_COUNTERS(V) \
V(num_tokens_total) \
V(num_tokens_scanned) \
V(num_tokens_consumed) \
V(num_cached_consts) \
V(num_const_cache_hits) \
V(num_execute_const) \
V(num_classes_parsed) \
V(num_class_tokens) \
V(num_functions_parsed) \
V(num_functions_compiled) \
V(num_functions_optimized) \
V(num_func_tokens_compiled) \
V(num_implicit_final_getters) \
V(num_method_extractors) \
V(src_length) \
V(total_code_size) \
V(total_instr_size) \
V(pc_desc_size) \
class CompilerStats {
explicit CompilerStats(Isolate* isolate);
~CompilerStats() {}
Isolate* isolate_;
// We could use STAT_TIMERS and STAT_COUNTERS to declare fields, but then
// we would be losing the comments.
Timer parser_timer; // Cumulative runtime of parser.
Timer scanner_timer; // Cumulative runtime of scanner.
Timer codegen_timer; // Cumulative runtime of code generator.
Timer graphbuilder_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer ssa_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_parse_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_build_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_ssa_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_opt_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphinliner_subst_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphoptimizer_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer graphcompiler_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
Timer codefinalizer_timer; // Included in codegen_timer.
ALIGN8 int64_t num_tokens_total; // Isolate + VM isolate.
ALIGN8 int64_t num_tokens_scanned;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_tokens_consumed;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_cached_consts;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_const_cache_hits;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_execute_const;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_classes_parsed;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_class_tokens;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_functions_parsed; // Num parsed functions.
ALIGN8 int64_t num_functions_compiled; // Num unoptimized compilations.
ALIGN8 int64_t num_functions_optimized; // Num optimized compilations.
ALIGN8 int64_t num_func_tokens_compiled;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_implicit_final_getters;
ALIGN8 int64_t num_method_extractors;
ALIGN8 int64_t src_length; // Total number of characters in source.
ALIGN8 int64_t total_code_size; // Bytes allocated for code and meta info.
ALIGN8 int64_t total_instr_size; // Total size of generated code in bytes.
ALIGN8 int64_t pc_desc_size;
ALIGN8 int64_t vardesc_size;
char* text;
bool use_benchmark_output;
void EnableBenchmark();
char* BenchmarkOutput();
char* PrintToZone();
// Used to aggregate stats.
void Add(const CompilerStats& other);
void Clear();
bool IsCleared() const;
// Update stats that are computed, e.g. token count.
void Update();
// Make increment atomic in case it occurs in parallel with aggregation from
// other thread.
#define INC_STAT(thread, counter, incr) \
if (FLAG_support_compiler_stats && FLAG_compiler_stats) { \
AtomicOperations::IncrementInt64By(&(thread)->compiler_stats()->counter, \
(incr)); \
#define STAT_VALUE(thread, counter) \
((FLAG_support_compiler_stats && FLAG_compiler_stats) \
? (thread)->compiler_stats()->counter \
: 0)
#define CSTAT_TIMER_SCOPE(thr, t) \
TimerScope timer(FLAG_support_compiler_stats&& FLAG_compiler_stats, \
(FLAG_support_compiler_stats && FLAG_compiler_stats) \
? &((thr)->compiler_stats()->t) \
: NULL, \
} // namespace dart