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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "vm/bootstrap.h"
#include "include/dart_api.h"
#include "vm/class_finalizer.h"
#include "vm/compiler/jit/compiler.h"
#include "vm/kernel_loader.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
#include "vm/object_store.h"
namespace dart {
#define MAKE_PROPERTIES(CamelName, name) \
{ObjectStore::k##CamelName, "dart:" #name},
struct BootstrapLibProps {
ObjectStore::BootstrapLibraryId index;
const char* uri;
static BootstrapLibProps bootstrap_libraries[] = {
static const intptr_t bootstrap_library_count = ARRAY_SIZE(bootstrap_libraries);
static void Finish(Thread* thread) {
// Eagerly compile the _Closure class as it is the class of all closure
// instances. This allows us to just finalize function types without going
// through the hoops of trying to compile their scope class.
ObjectStore* object_store = thread->isolate()->object_store();
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
Class& cls = Class::Handle(zone, object_store->closure_class());
#if defined(DEBUG)
// Verify that closure field offsets are identical in Dart and C++.
const Array& fields = Array::Handle(zone, cls.fields());
ASSERT(fields.Length() == 6);
Field& field = Field::Handle(zone);
field ^= fields.At(0);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::instantiator_type_arguments_offset());
field ^= fields.At(1);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::function_type_arguments_offset());
field ^= fields.At(2);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::delayed_type_arguments_offset());
field ^= fields.At(3);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::function_offset());
field ^= fields.At(4);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::context_offset());
field ^= fields.At(5);
ASSERT(field.Offset() == Closure::hash_offset());
#endif // defined(DEBUG)
// Eagerly compile Bool class, bool constants are used from within compiler.
cls = object_store->bool_class();
RawError* BootstrapFromKernel(Thread* thread,
const uint8_t* kernel_buffer,
intptr_t kernel_buffer_size) {
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
const char* error = nullptr;
kernel::Program* program = kernel::Program::ReadFromBuffer(
kernel_buffer, kernel_buffer_size, &error);
if (program == nullptr) {
const intptr_t kMessageBufferSize = 512;
char message_buffer[kMessageBufferSize];
Utils::SNPrint(message_buffer, kMessageBufferSize,
"Can't load Kernel binary: %s.", error);
const String& msg = String::Handle(String::New(message_buffer, Heap::kOld));
return ApiError::New(msg, Heap::kOld);
kernel::KernelLoader loader(program);
Isolate* isolate = thread->isolate();
// Load the bootstrap libraries in order (see object_store.h).
Library& library = Library::Handle(zone);
String& dart_name = String::Handle(zone);
for (intptr_t i = 0; i < bootstrap_library_count; ++i) {
ObjectStore::BootstrapLibraryId id = bootstrap_libraries[i].index;
library = isolate->object_store()->bootstrap_library(id);
dart_name = library.url();
for (intptr_t j = 0; j < program->library_count(); ++j) {
const String& kernel_name = loader.LibraryUri(j);
if (kernel_name.Equals(dart_name)) {
// Finish bootstrapping, including class finalization.
// The platform binary may contain other libraries (e.g., dart:_builtin or
// dart:io) that will not be bundled with application. Load them now.
const Object& result = Object::Handle(loader.LoadProgram());
delete program;
if (result.IsError()) {
return Error::Cast(result).raw();
// The builtin library should be registered with the VM.
dart_name = String::New("dart:_builtin");
library = Library::LookupLibrary(thread, dart_name);
return Error::null();
RawError* Bootstrap::DoBootstrapping(const uint8_t* kernel_buffer,
intptr_t kernel_buffer_size) {
Thread* thread = Thread::Current();
Isolate* isolate = thread->isolate();
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
String& uri = String::Handle(zone);
Library& lib = Library::Handle(zone);
// Ensure there are library objects for all the bootstrap libraries.
for (intptr_t i = 0; i < bootstrap_library_count; ++i) {
ObjectStore::BootstrapLibraryId id = bootstrap_libraries[i].index;
uri = Symbols::New(thread, bootstrap_libraries[i].uri);
lib = isolate->object_store()->bootstrap_library(id);
ASSERT(lib.raw() == Library::LookupLibrary(thread, uri));
if (lib.IsNull()) {
lib = Library::NewLibraryHelper(uri, false);
isolate->object_store()->set_bootstrap_library(id, lib);
return BootstrapFromKernel(thread, kernel_buffer, kernel_buffer_size);
RawError* Bootstrap::DoBootstrapping(const uint8_t* kernel_buffer,
intptr_t kernel_buffer_size) {
return Error::null();
#endif // !defined(DART_PRECOMPILED_RUNTIME)
} // namespace dart