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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of dart.dom.html;
* A list which just wraps another list, for either intercepting list calls or
* retyping the list (for example, from List<A> to List<B> where B extends A).
class _WrappedList<E extends Node> extends ListBase<E>
implements NodeListWrapper {
final List<Node> _list;
// Iterable APIs
Iterator<E> get iterator => new _WrappedIterator<E>(_list.iterator);
int get length => _list.length;
// Collection APIs
void add(E element) {
bool remove(Object element) => _list.remove(element);
void clear() {
// List APIs
E operator [](int index) => _list[index];
void operator []=(int index, E value) {
_list[index] = value;
set length(int newLength) {
_list.length = newLength;
void sort([int compare(E a, E b)]) {
// Implicit downcast on argument from Node to E-extends-Node.
_list.sort((Node a, Node b) => compare(a, b));
int indexOf(Object element, [int start = 0]) => _list.indexOf(element, start);
int lastIndexOf(Object element, [int start]) =>
_list.lastIndexOf(element, start);
void insert(int index, E element) => _list.insert(index, element);
E removeAt(int index) => _list.removeAt(index);
void setRange(int start, int end, Iterable<E> iterable, [int skipCount = 0]) {
_list.setRange(start, end, iterable, skipCount);
void removeRange(int start, int end) {
_list.removeRange(start, end);
void replaceRange(int start, int end, Iterable<E> iterable) {
_list.replaceRange(start, end, iterable);
void fillRange(int start, int end, [E fillValue]) {
_list.fillRange(start, end, fillValue);
List<Node> get rawList => _list;
* Iterator wrapper for _WrappedList.
class _WrappedIterator<E extends Node> implements Iterator<E> {
Iterator<Node> _iterator;
bool moveNext() {
return _iterator.moveNext();
E get current => _iterator.current;