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#!/usr/bin/env dart
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/analyzer/command.dart' as dartdevc;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/kernel/command.dart' as dartdevk;
final String scriptDirectory = p.dirname(p.fromUri(Platform.script));
final String repoDirectory = p.normalize(p.join(scriptDirectory, "../../../"));
/// Path to the SDK analyzer summary file, "ddc_sdk.sum".
String analyzerSummary;
/// Path to the SDK kernel summary file, "ddc_sdk.dill".
String kernelSummary;
/// The directory that output is written to.
/// The DDC kernel SDK should be directly in this directory. The resulting
/// packages will be placed in a "pkg" subdirectory of this.
String outputDirectory;
/// Compiles the packages that the DDC tests use to JS into the given output
/// directory.
/// If "--travis" is passed, builds the all of the modules tested on Travis.
/// Otherwise, only builds the modules needed by the tests.
/// If "--analyzer-sdk" is provided, uses that summary file and compiles the
/// packages to JS and analyzer summaries against that SDK summary. Otherwise,
/// it skips generating analyzer summaries and compiling to JS.
/// If "--kernel-sdk" is provided, uses that summary file and generates kernel
/// summaries for the test packages against that SDK summary. Otherwise, skips
/// generating kernel summaries.
Future main(List<String> arguments) async {
var argParser = ArgParser();
help: "Path to SDK analyzer summary '.sum' file");
help: "Path to SDK Kernel summary '.dill' file");
abbr: "o", help: "Directory to write output to.");
help: "Build the additional packages tested on Travis.");
ArgResults argResults;
try {
argResults = argParser.parse(arguments);
} on ArgParserException catch (ex) {
_usageError(argParser, ex.message);
if ( {
argParser, 'Unexpected arguments "${' ')}".');
var isTravis = argResults["travis"] as bool;
analyzerSummary = argResults["analyzer-sdk"] as String;
kernelSummary = argResults["kernel-sdk"] as String;
outputDirectory = argResults["output"] as String;
// Build leaf packages. These have no other package dependencies.
// Under pkg.
await compileModule('async_helper');
await compileModule('expect', libs: ['minitest']);
await compileModule('js', libs: ['js_util']);
await compileModule('meta');
if (isTravis) {
await compileModule('microlytics', libs: ['html_channels']);
// Under third_party/pkg.
await compileModule('collection');
await compileModule('path');
if (isTravis) {
await compileModule('args', libs: ['command_runner']);
await compileModule('charcode');
await compileModule('fixnum');
await compileModule('logging');
await compileModule('markdown');
await compileModule('mime');
await compileModule('plugin', libs: ['manager']);
await compileModule('typed_data');
await compileModule('usage');
await compileModule('utf');
// Composite packages with dependencies.
await compileModule('stack_trace', deps: ['path']);
await compileModule('matcher', deps: ['stack_trace']);
if (isTravis) {
await compileModule('async', deps: ['collection']);
if (!isTravis) {
await compileModule('unittest', deps: [
], libs: [
void _usageError(ArgParser parser, [String message]) {
if (message != null) {
stderr.writeln("Usage: dart build_pkgs.dart ...");
/// Compiles a [module] with a single matching ".dart" library and additional
/// [libs] and [deps] on other modules.
Future compileModule(String module,
{List<String> libs = const [], List<String> deps = const []}) async {
makeArgs(bool kernel) {
var pkgDirectory = p.join(outputDirectory, kernel ? 'pkg_kernel' : 'pkg');
Directory(pkgDirectory).createSync(recursive: true);
var args = [
'--dart-sdk-summary=${kernel ? kernelSummary : analyzerSummary}',
for (var lib in libs) {
for (var dep in deps) {
args.add('-s${pkgDirectory}/$dep.${kernel ? "dill" : "sum"}');
return args;
if (analyzerSummary != null) {
var args = makeArgs(false);
var exitCode = dartdevc.compile(args);
if (exitCode != 0) exit(exitCode);
if (kernelSummary != null) {
var args = makeArgs(true);
var result = await dartdevk.compile(args);
if (!result.success) exit(1);