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This directory contains the hashes of tar.gz files uploaded to cloud storage.
Steps in the script run "download_from_google_storage"
to download these tarfiles and unpack them, if the browser cache directory exists.
These tar files contain browser installations on the different platforms.
We currently download Chrome.
The downloads use the --auto-platform feature, so that only the browsers for the
current platform (linux, macos, or windows) is downloaded. This requires
the subdirectories to have the special names "linux", "win", and "mac", which
the download_from_google_storage script in depot_tools is hardcoded to
The download is intended to run on bots from the swarming pools, and they
download to a named cache directory called "browsers" on those swarming bots.
To upload new versions of these tar files, use the "upload_to_google_storage"
tool in depot_tools, after replacing the existing downloaded browser in-place
with the new version.
Currently, we only have the Chrome browser for Linux uploaded.