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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
import 'type_literal_test.dart' as prefix;
// TODO(rnystrom): This test has a lot of overlap with some other language
// tests, but those are sort of all over the place so I thought it useful to
// test all of the relevant bits in one place here.
class Foo {
static var property;
static method() => "result";
class Box<T> {
Type get typeArg => T;
class G<A, B> {}
typedef int Func(bool b);
typedef int GenericFunc<T>(T t);
main() {
// Primitive types.
testType(Object, "Object");
testType(Null, "Null");
testType(bool, "bool");
testType(double, "double");
testType(int, "int");
testType(num, "num");
testType(String, "String");
// Class types.
testType(Foo, "Foo");
// Generic classes.
testType(Box, "Box", "<dynamic>");
testType(new Box<Foo>().typeArg, "Foo");
testType(new Box<dynamic>().typeArg, "dynamic");
testType(new Box<Box<Foo>>().typeArg, "Box<Foo>");
testType(G, "G", "<dynamic, dynamic>");
testType(new Box<G<int, String>>().typeArg, "G<int, String>");
// Typedef.
testType(Func, "Func");
testType(GenericFunc, "GenericFunc", "<dynamic>");
testType(new Box<GenericFunc<int>>().typeArg, "GenericFunc<int>");
// Literals are canonicalized.
Expect.identical(Foo, Foo);
Expect.identical(Box, Box);
Expect.identical(new Box<Foo>().typeArg, new Box<Foo>().typeArg);
Expect.identical(Func, Func);
// Static member uses are not type literals. = "value";
Expect.equals("result", Foo.method());
// Prefixed types are type literals.
testType(prefix.Foo, "Foo");
// Prefix member uses are not. = "value2";
Expect.equals("result", prefix.Foo.method());
void testType(Type type, String string, [String genericArgs]) {
if (genericArgs != null) {
var s = type.toString();
s == string || s == '$string$genericArgs',
'type `$type`.toString() should be `$string`, '
'optionally with $genericArgs suffix.');
} else {
Expect.equals(string, type.toString());
Expect.isTrue(type is Type);