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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:smith/smith.dart';
export 'package:smith/smith.dart';
import 'compiler_configuration.dart';
import 'http_server.dart';
import 'path.dart';
import 'repository.dart';
import 'runtime_configuration.dart';
/// All of the contextual information to determine how a test suite should be
/// run.
/// Includes the compiler used to compile the code, the runtime the result is
/// executed on, etc.
class TestConfiguration {
String packages,
: _packages = packages;
final Map<String, RegExp> selectors;
final Progress progress;
// The test configuration computed from the test options.
final Configuration configuration;
// The test configuration coming from the -n option. Merging
// these two configurations into one will be the focus of some
// usability work.
final Configuration namedConfiguration;
// Boolean flags.
final bool appendLogs;
final bool batch;
final bool batchDart2JS;
final bool copyCoreDumps;
final bool fastTestsOnly;
final bool isVerbose;
final bool listTests;
final bool listStatusFiles;
final bool printTiming;
final bool printReport;
final bool reportInJson;
final bool resetBrowser;
final bool skipCompilation;
final bool useAnalyzerCfe;
final bool useAnalyzerFastaParser;
final bool useKernelBytecode;
final bool writeDebugLog;
final bool writeTestOutcomeLog;
final bool writeResultLog;
final bool printPassingStdout;
Architecture get architecture => configuration.architecture;
Compiler get compiler => configuration.compiler;
Mode get mode => configuration.mode;
Runtime get runtime => configuration.runtime;
System get system => configuration.system;
// Boolean getters
bool get hotReload => configuration.useHotReload;
bool get hotReloadRollback => configuration.useHotReloadRollback;
bool get isChecked => configuration.isChecked;
bool get isHostChecked => configuration.isHostChecked;
bool get isCsp => configuration.isCsp;
bool get isMinified => configuration.isMinified;
bool get noPreviewDart2 => !configuration.previewDart2;
bool get useBlobs => configuration.useBlobs;
bool get useSdk => configuration.useSdk;
bool get useFastStartup => configuration.useFastStartup;
bool get useEnableAsserts => configuration.enableAsserts;
bool get useDart2JSWithKernel => configuration.useDart2JSWithKernel;
bool get useDart2JSOldFrontend => configuration.useDart2JSOldFrontEnd;
// Various file paths.
final String drtPath;
final String chromePath;
final String safariPath;
final String firefoxPath;
final String dartPath;
final String dartPrecompiledPath;
final String flutterPath;
final int taskCount;
final int shardCount;
final int shard;
final String stepName;
final int testServerPort;
final int testServerCrossOriginPort;
final int testDriverErrorPort;
final String localIP;
/// Extra dart2js options passed to the testing script.
final List<String> dart2jsOptions;
/// Extra VM options passed to the testing script.
List<String> get vmOptions => configuration.vmOptions;
String _packages;
String get packages {
// If the .packages file path wasn't given, find it.
if (packageRoot == null && _packages == null) {
_packages = Repository.uri.resolve('.packages').toFilePath();
return _packages;
final String outputDirectory;
final String packageRoot;
final String suiteDirectory;
String get builderTag => configuration.builderTag;
final List<String> reproducingArguments;
TestingServers _servers;
TestingServers get servers {
if (_servers == null) {
throw new StateError("Servers have not been started yet.");
return _servers;
/// Returns true if this configuration uses the new front end (fasta)
/// as the first stage of compilation.
bool get usesFasta {
var fastaCompilers = const [
return fastaCompilers.contains(compiler) ||
(compiler == Compiler.dart2js && !useDart2JSOldFrontend) ||
(compiler == Compiler.dart2analyzer &&
(builderTag == 'analyzer_use_fasta' || useAnalyzerCfe));
/// The base directory named for this configuration, like:
/// none_vm_release_x64
String _configurationDirectory;
String get configurationDirectory {
// Lazy initialize and cache since it requires hitting the file system.
if (_configurationDirectory == null) {
_configurationDirectory = _calculateDirectory();
return _configurationDirectory;
/// The build directory path for this configuration, like:
/// build/none_vm_release_x64
String get buildDirectory => system.outputDirectory + configurationDirectory;
// TODO(whesse): Put non-default timeouts explicitly in configs, not this.
/// Calculates a default timeout based on the compiler and runtime used,
/// and the mode, architecture, etc.
int get timeout {
if (configuration.timeout == null) {
var isReload = hotReload || hotReloadRollback;
var compilerMulitiplier = compilerConfiguration.timeoutMultiplier;
var runtimeMultiplier = runtimeConfiguration.timeoutMultiplier(
mode: mode,
isChecked: isChecked,
isReload: isReload,
arch: architecture);
configuration.timeout = 60 * compilerMulitiplier * runtimeMultiplier;
return configuration.timeout;
List<String> get standardOptions {
if (compiler != Compiler.dart2js) {
return const ["--ignore-unrecognized-flags"];
var args = ['--generate-code-with-compile-time-errors', '--test-mode'];
if (isChecked) args.add('--enable-checked-mode');
if (!runtime.isBrowser) {
if (isMinified) args.add("--minify");
if (isCsp) args.add("--csp");
if (useFastStartup) args.add("--fast-startup");
if (useEnableAsserts) args.add("--enable-asserts");
if (useDart2JSWithKernel) args.add("--use-kernel");
if (useDart2JSOldFrontend) args.add("--use-old-frontend");
return args;
String _windowsSdkPath;
String get windowsSdkPath {
if (!Platform.isWindows) {
throw new StateError(
"Should not use windowsSdkPath when not running on Windows.");
if (_windowsSdkPath == null) {
// When running tests on Windows, use cdb from depot_tools to dump
// stack traces of tests timing out.
try {
var path = new Path("build/win_toolchain.json").toNativePath();
var text = new File(path).readAsStringSync();
_windowsSdkPath = jsonDecode(text)['win_sdk'] as String;
} on dynamic {
// Ignore errors here. If win_sdk is not found, stack trace dumping
// for timeouts won't work.
return _windowsSdkPath;
/// Gets the local file path to the browser executable for this configuration.
String get browserLocation {
// If the user has explicitly configured a browser path, use it.
String location;
switch (runtime) {
location = chromePath;
case Runtime.firefox:
location = firefoxPath;
case Runtime.flutter:
location = flutterPath;
case Runtime.safari:
location = safariPath;
if (location != null) return location;
const locations = const {
Runtime.firefox: const { 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe',
System.linux: 'firefox',
System.mac: '/Applications/'
}, const {
'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe',
'/Applications/Google Chrome',
System.linux: 'google-chrome'
Runtime.safari: const {
System.mac: '/Applications/'
Runtime.ie9: const { 'C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe'
Runtime.ie10: const { 'C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe'
Runtime.ie11: const { 'C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe'
location = locations[runtime][System.find(Platform.operatingSystem)];
if (location == null) {
throw "${} is not supported on ${Platform.operatingSystem}";
return location;
RuntimeConfiguration _runtimeConfiguration;
RuntimeConfiguration get runtimeConfiguration =>
_runtimeConfiguration ??= new RuntimeConfiguration(this);
CompilerConfiguration _compilerConfiguration;
CompilerConfiguration get compilerConfiguration =>
_compilerConfiguration ??= new CompilerConfiguration(this);
/// Determines if this configuration has a compatible compiler and runtime
/// and other valid fields.
/// Prints a warning if the configuration isn't valid. Returns whether or not
/// it is.
bool validate() {
var isValid = true;
var validRuntimes = compiler.supportedRuntimes;
if (!validRuntimes.contains(runtime)) {
print("Warning: combination of compiler '${}' and "
"runtime '${}' is invalid. Skipping this combination.");
isValid = false;
if (runtime.isIE &&
Platform.operatingSystem != 'windows' &&
!listStatusFiles &&
!listTests) {
print("Warning: cannot run Internet Explorer on non-Windows operating"
" system.");
isValid = false;
if (shard < 1 || shard > shardCount) {
print("Error: shard index is $shard out of $shardCount shards");
isValid = false;
if (runtime == Runtime.flutter && flutterPath == null) {
print("-rflutter requires the flutter engine executable to "
"be specified using --flutter");
isValid = false;
if (runtime == Runtime.flutter && architecture != Architecture.x64) {
isValid = false;
print("-rflutter is applicable only for --arch=x64");
return isValid;
/// Starts global HTTP servers that serve the entire dart repo.
/// The HTTP server is available on `window.location.port`, and a second
/// server for cross-domain tests can be found by calling
/// `getCrossOriginPortNumber()`.
Future startServers() {
_servers = new TestingServers(
buildDirectory, isCsp, runtime, null, packageRoot, packages);
var future = servers.startServers(localIP,
port: testServerPort, crossOriginPort: testServerCrossOriginPort);
if (isVerbose) {
future = future.then((_) {
print('Started HttpServers: ${servers.commandLine}');
return future;
void stopServers() {
if (_servers != null) _servers.stopServers();
/// Returns the correct configuration directory (the last component of the
/// output directory path) for regular dart checkouts.
/// We allow our code to have been cross compiled, i.e., that there is an X
/// in front of the arch. We don't allow both a cross compiled and a normal
/// version to be present (except if you specifically pass in the
/// build_directory).
String _calculateDirectory() {
// Capitalize the mode name.
var modeName =, 1).toUpperCase() +;
var os = '';
if (system == os = "Android";
var kbc = useKernelBytecode ? 'KBC' : '';
var arch =;
var normal = '$modeName$os$arch$kbc';
var cross = '$modeName${os}X$arch$kbc';
var outDir = system.outputDirectory;
var normalDir = new Directory(new Path('$outDir$normal').toNativePath());
var crossDir = new Directory(new Path('$outDir$cross').toNativePath());
if (normalDir.existsSync() && crossDir.existsSync()) {
throw "You can't have both $normalDir and $crossDir. We don't know which"
" binary to use.";
if (crossDir.existsSync()) return cross;
return normal;
Map _summaryMap;
/// [toSummaryMap] returns a map of configurations important to the running
/// of a test. Flags and properties used for output are not included.
/// The summary map can be used to serialize to json for test-output logging.
Map toSummaryMap() {
if (_summaryMap == null) {
_summaryMap = {
'checked': isChecked,
'host_checked': isHostChecked,
'minified': isMinified,
'csp': isCsp,
'vm_options': vmOptions,
'fasta': usesFasta,
'use_sdk': useSdk,
'builder_tag': builderTag,
'fast_startup': useFastStartup,
'timeout': timeout,
'no_preview_dart_2': noPreviewDart2,
'use_cfe': useAnalyzerCfe,
'analyzer_use_fasta_parser': useAnalyzerFastaParser,
'dart2js_with_kernel': useDart2JSWithKernel,
'dart2js_old_frontend': useDart2JSOldFrontend,
'enable_asserts': useEnableAsserts,
'hot_reload': hotReload,
'hot_reload_rollback': hotReloadRollback,
'batch': batch,
'batch_dart2js': batchDart2JS,
'reset_browser_configuration': resetBrowser,
'selectors': selectors.keys.toList(),
'use_kernel_bytecode': useKernelBytecode,
return _summaryMap;
class Progress {
static const compact = const Progress._('compact');
static const color = const Progress._('color');
static const line = const Progress._('line');
static const verbose = const Progress._('verbose');
static const silent = const Progress._('silent');
static const status = const Progress._('status');
static const buildbot = const Progress._('buildbot');
static const diff = const Progress._('diff');
static final List<String> names = _all.keys.toList();
static final _all = new Map<String, Progress>.fromIterable(
[compact, color, line, verbose, silent, status, buildbot, diff],
key: (progress) => (progress as Progress).name);
static Progress find(String name) {
var progress = _all[name];
if (progress != null) return progress;
throw new ArgumentError('Unknown progress type "$name".');
final String name;
const Progress._(;
String toString() => "Progress($name)";