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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Uploads a new version of the co19 CIPD package.
# This script requires access to the dart-build-access group, which EngProd has.
set -e
set -x
if [ ! -e tests/co19 ]; then
echo "$0: error: Run this script at the root of the Dart SDK" >&2
exit 1
# Find the latest co19 commit.
rm -rf tests/co19/src.git
git clone tests/co19/src.git
OLD=$(gclient getdep --var=co19_rev)
NEW=$(cd $CO19 && git fetch origin && git rev-parse origin/master)
git fetch origin
git branch cl-co19-roll-co19-to-$NEW origin/master
git checkout cl-co19-roll-co19-to-$NEW
# Build a cipd package of the commit.
BUILD_ID=$(bb add \
-commit$NEW \
-json \
dart/ci/co19-roller \
| jq -r '.id')
bb collect -interval 10s $BUILD_ID
# Update DEPS:
gclient setdep --var=co19_rev=$NEW
BUILDERS=$(jq -r '.builder_configurations
| map(select(.steps
| any(.arguments
| select(.!=null)
| any(test("co19($|(/.*))")))))
| map(.builders)
| flatten
| sort
| .[] += "-try"
| join(",")' \
# Make a nice commit. Don't include the '#' character to avoid referencing Dart
# SDK issues.
git commit DEPS -m \
"$(printf "[co19] Roll co19 to $NEW\n\n" \
&& cd $CO19 \
&& git log --date='format:%Y-%m-%d' --pretty='format:%ad %ae %s' $OLD..$NEW \
| tr -d '#' \
&& printf "\nCq-Include-Trybots: dart/try:$BUILDERS\n")"
rm -rf tests/co19/src.git
GIT_EDITOR=true git cl upload
ISSUE=$(git config --get$NEW.gerritissue)
git cl web
set +x
cat << EOF
Wait for the builders to finish. If any failed, pre-approve them.