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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "include/dart_api.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/globals.h"
#include "vm/json_stream.h"
#include "vm/random.h"
namespace dart {
class Isolate;
class Message;
class MessageHandler;
class Mutex;
class PortMapTestPeer;
class PortMap : public AllStatic {
enum PortState {
kNewPort = 0, // a newly allocated port
kLivePort = 1, // a regular port (has a ReceivePort)
kControlPort = 2, // a special control port (has a ReceivePort)
// Allocate a port for the provided handler and return its VM-global id.
static Dart_Port CreatePort(MessageHandler* handler);
// Indicates that a port has had a ReceivePort created for it at the
// dart language level. The port remains live until it is closed.
static void SetPortState(Dart_Port id, PortState kind);
// Close the port with id. All pending messages will be dropped.
// Returns true if the port is successfully closed.
static bool ClosePort(Dart_Port id);
// Close all the ports for the provided handler.
static void ClosePorts(MessageHandler* handler);
// Enqueues the message in the port with id. Returns false if the port is not
// active any longer.
// Claims ownership of 'message'.
static bool PostMessage(std::unique_ptr<Message> message,
bool before_events = false);
// Returns whether a port is local to the current isolate.
static bool IsLocalPort(Dart_Port id);
// Returns the owning Isolate for port 'id'.
static Isolate* GetIsolate(Dart_Port id);
static void Init();
static void Cleanup();
static void PrintPortsForMessageHandler(MessageHandler* handler,
JSONStream* stream);
static void DebugDumpForMessageHandler(MessageHandler* handler);
friend class dart::PortMapTestPeer;
// Mapping between port numbers and handlers.
// Free entries have id == 0 and handler == NULL. Deleted entries
// have id == 0 and handler == deleted_entry_.
typedef struct {
Dart_Port port;
MessageHandler* handler;
PortState state;
} Entry;
static const char* PortStateString(PortState state);
// Allocate a new unique port.
static Dart_Port AllocatePort();
static bool IsActivePort(Dart_Port id);
static bool IsLivePort(Dart_Port id);
static intptr_t FindPort(Dart_Port port);
static void Rehash(intptr_t new_capacity);
static void MaintainInvariants();
// Lock protecting access to the port map.
static Mutex* mutex_;
// Hashmap of ports.
static Entry* map_;
static MessageHandler* deleted_entry_;
static intptr_t capacity_;
static intptr_t used_;
static intptr_t deleted_;
static Random* prng_;
} // namespace dart
#endif // RUNTIME_VM_PORT_H_