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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "bin/isolate_data.h"
#include "bin/thread.h"
#include "include/dart_api.h"
#include "include/dart_native_api.h"
#include "platform/assert.h"
#include "platform/globals.h"
namespace dart {
namespace bin {
class Loader {
explicit Loader(IsolateData* isolate_data);
static void InitForSnapshot(const char* snapshot_uri,
IsolateData* isolate_data);
static Dart_Handle ReloadNativeExtensions();
// Loads contents of the specified url.
static Dart_Handle LoadUrlContents(Dart_Handle url,
uint8_t** payload,
intptr_t* payload_length);
static void ResolveDependenciesAsFilePaths();
// A static tag handler that hides all usage of a loader for an isolate.
static Dart_Handle LibraryTagHandler(Dart_LibraryTag tag,
Dart_Handle library,
Dart_Handle url);
IsolateGroupData* isolate_group_data();
Dart_Handle error() const { return error_; }
static void InitOnce();
// The port assigned to our native message handler.
Dart_Port port_;
// Each Loader is associated with an Isolate via its IsolateData.
IsolateData* isolate_data_;
// Remember the first error that occurs during loading.
Dart_Handle error_;
// This monitor is used to protect the pending operations count and the
// I/O result queue.
Monitor monitor_;
// The number of operations dispatched to the service isolate for loading.
// Must be accessed with monitor_ held.
intptr_t pending_operations_;
// The result of an I/O request to the service isolate. Payload is either
// a UInt8Array or a C string containing an error message.
struct IOResult {
uint8_t* payload;
intptr_t payload_length;
char* library_uri;
char* uri;
char* resolved_uri;
int8_t tag;
void Setup(Dart_CObject* message);
void Cleanup();
// An array of I/O results queued from the service isolate.
IOResult* results_;
intptr_t results_length_;
intptr_t results_capacity_;
uint8_t* payload_;
intptr_t payload_length_;
typedef bool (*ProcessResult)(Loader* loader, IOResult* result);
intptr_t results_length() {
return *static_cast<volatile intptr_t*>(&results_length_);
// Send the loader init request to the service isolate.
void Init(const char* package_root,
const char* packages_file,
const char* working_directory,
const char* root_script_uri);
// Send a request for a dart-ext: import to the service isolate.
void SendImportExtensionRequest(Dart_Handle url, Dart_Handle library_url);
// Send a request from the tag handler to the service isolate.
void SendRequest(intptr_t tag, Dart_Handle url, Dart_Handle library_url);
static Dart_Handle SendAndProcessReply(intptr_t tag,
Dart_Handle url,
uint8_t** payload,
intptr_t* payload_length);
static Dart_Handle ResolveAsFilePath(Dart_Handle url,
uint8_t** payload,
intptr_t* payload_length);
/// Queue |message| and notify the loader that a message is available.
void QueueMessage(Dart_CObject* message);
/// Blocks the caller until the loader is finished.
void BlockUntilComplete(ProcessResult process_result);
/// Saves a script dependency when applicable.
static void AddDependencyLocked(Loader* loader, const char* resolved_uri);
/// Returns false if |result| is an error and the loader should quit.
static bool ProcessResultLocked(Loader* loader, IOResult* result);
/// Returns false if |result| is an error and the loader should quit.
static bool ProcessPayloadResultLocked(Loader* loader, IOResult* result);
/// Returns false if an error occurred and the loader should quit.
bool ProcessQueueLocked(ProcessResult process_result);
// Special inner tag handler for dart: uris.
static Dart_Handle DartColonLibraryTagHandler(Dart_LibraryTag tag,
Dart_Handle library,
Dart_Handle url,
const char* library_url_string,
const char* url_string);
// We use one native message handler callback for N loaders. The native
// message handler callback provides us with the Dart_Port which we use as a
// key into our map of active loaders from |port| to |isolate_data|.
// Static information to map Dart_Port back to the isolate in question.
struct LoaderInfo {
Dart_Port port;
IsolateData* isolate_data;
// The map of active loaders.
static Mutex* loader_infos_lock_;
static LoaderInfo* loader_infos_;
static intptr_t loader_infos_length_;
static intptr_t loader_infos_capacity_;
static void AddLoader(Dart_Port port, IsolateData* data);
static void RemoveLoader(Dart_Port port);
static intptr_t LoaderIndexFor(Dart_Port port);
static Loader* LoaderFor(Dart_Port port);
static Loader* LoaderForLocked(Dart_Port port);
// This is the global callback for the native message handlers.
static void NativeMessageHandler(Dart_Port dest_port_id,
Dart_CObject* message);
} // namespace bin
} // namespace dart