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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Note: the VM concatenates all patch files into a single patch file. This
/// file is the first patch in "dart:_internal" which contains all the imports
/// used by patches of that library. We plan to change this when we have a
/// shared front end and simply use parts.
import "dart:core" hide Symbol;
import "dart:typed_data" show Int32List;
/// These are the additional parts of this patch library:
// part "class_id_fasta.dart";
// part "print_patch.dart";
// part "symbol_patch.dart";
List<T> makeListFixedLength<T>(List<T> growableList)
native "Internal_makeListFixedLength";
List<T> makeFixedListUnmodifiable<T>(List<T> fixedLengthList)
native "Internal_makeFixedListUnmodifiable";
Object extractTypeArguments<T>(T instance, Function extract)
native "Internal_extractTypeArguments";
class VMLibraryHooks {
// Example: "dart:isolate _Timer._factory"
static var timerFactory;
// Example: "dart:io _EventHandler._sendData"
static var eventHandlerSendData;
// A nullary closure that answers the current clock value in milliseconds.
// Example: "dart:io _EventHandler._timerMillisecondClock"
static var timerMillisecondClock;
// Implementation of Resource.readAsBytes.
static var resourceReadAsBytes;
// Implementation of package root/map provision.
static var packageRootString;
static var packageConfigString;
static var packageRootUriFuture;
static var packageConfigUriFuture;
static var resolvePackageUriFuture;
static var _computeScriptUri;
static var _cachedScript;
static set platformScript(var f) {
_computeScriptUri = f;
_cachedScript = null;
static get platformScript {
if (_cachedScript == null && _computeScriptUri != null) {
_cachedScript = _computeScriptUri();
return _cachedScript;
final bool is64Bit = _inquireIs64Bit();
bool _inquireIs64Bit() native "Internal_inquireIs64Bit";
@pragma("vm:entry-point", "call")
@pragma("vm:exact-result-type", bool)
bool _classRangeCheck(int cid, int lowerLimit, int upperLimit) {
return cid >= lowerLimit && cid <= upperLimit;
// Utility class now only used by the VM.
class Lists {
static void copy(List src, int srcStart, List dst, int dstStart, int count) {
if (srcStart < dstStart) {
for (int i = srcStart + count - 1, j = dstStart + count - 1;
i >= srcStart;
i--, j--) {
dst[j] = src[i];
} else {
for (int i = srcStart, j = dstStart; i < srcStart + count; i++, j++) {
dst[j] = src[i];
// Prepend the parent type arguments (maybe null) of length 'parentLen' to the
// function type arguments (may be null). The result is null if both input
// vectors are null or is a newly allocated and canonicalized vector of length
// 'totalLen'.
@pragma("vm:entry-point", "call")
_prependTypeArguments(functionTypeArguments, parentTypeArguments, parentLen,
totalLen) native "Internal_prependTypeArguments";
// Check that a set of type arguments satisfy the type parameter bounds on a
// closure.
@pragma("vm:entry-point", "call")
_boundsCheckForPartialInstantiation(closure, typeArgs)
native "Internal_boundsCheckForPartialInstantiation";
// Called by IRRegExpMacroAssembler::GrowStack.
Int32List _growRegExpStack(Int32List stack) {
final newStack = new Int32List(stack.length * 2);
for (int i = 0; i < stack.length; i++) {
newStack[i] = stack[i];
return newStack;
// This function can be used to skip implicit or explicit checked down casts in
// the parts of the core library implementation where we know by construction the
// type of a value.
// Important: this is unsafe and must be used with care.
T unsafeCast<T>(Object v) native "Internal_unsafeCast";