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Require Export SyntaxRaw.
Require Import Common.
Scheme dart_type_ind_mutual := Induction for dart_type Sort Prop
with interface_type_ind_mutual := Induction for interface_type Sort Prop
with function_type_ind_mutual := Induction for function_type Sort Prop.
Scheme expression_ind_mutual := Induction for expression Sort Prop
with variable_get_ind_mutual := Induction for variable_get Sort Prop
with property_get_ind_mutual := Induction for property_get Sort Prop
with invocation_expression_ind_mutual := Induction for invocation_expression Sort Prop
with method_invocation_ind_mutual := Induction for method_invocation Sort Prop
with constructor_invocation_ind_mutual := Induction for constructor_invocation Sort Prop
with arguments_ind_mutual := Induction for arguments Sort Prop.
Scheme statement_ind_mutual := Induction for statement Sort Prop
with expression_statement_ind_mutual := Induction for expression_statement Sort Prop
with block_ind_mutual := Induction for block Sort Prop
with return_ind_mutual := Induction for return_statement Sort Prop
with variable_declaration_ind_mutual := Induction for variable_declaration Sort Prop
Definition dart_type_induction prop :=
(fun i => prop (DT_Interface_Type i))
(fun f => prop (DT_Function_Type f)).
Definition expr_induction prop :=
(fun e => prop e)
(fun v => prop (E_Variable_Get v))
(fun p => prop (E_Property_Get p))
(fun ie => prop (E_Invocation_Expression ie))
(fun mi => prop (E_Invocation_Expression (IE_Method_Invocation mi)))
(fun ci => prop (E_Invocation_Expression (IE_Constructor_Invocation ci)))
(fun args => let (param) := args in prop param).
(* Since blocks contain lists of statements, we can't just use Scheme to
generate a good induction prinicple. *)
Section Statement_Mutual_Induction.
Variable P : statement -> Prop.
Hypothesis Return : forall r, P (S_Return_Statement r).
Hypothesis VarDecl : forall vd, P (S_Variable_Declaration vd).
Hypothesis Expr : forall e, P (S_Expression_Statement e).
Hypothesis Blk : forall ss, Forall P ss -> P (S_Block (Block ss)).
Fixpoint statement_induction s : P s :=
match s with
| S_Return_Statement r => Return r
| S_Expression_Statement e => Expr e
| S_Variable_Declaration vd => VarDecl vd
| S_Block (Block ss) =>
let ss_all := (fix rec (ss : list statement) : Forall P ss :=
match ss with
| nil => Forall_nil _
| (s::ss) => Forall_cons _ (statement_induction s) (rec ss)
end) ss in
Blk ss ss_all
End Statement_Mutual_Induction.