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(* Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
* for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
* BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file. *)
Require Export List.
Require Export Coq.FSets.FMapWeakList.
Require Export Coq.FSets.FMapFacts.
Require Export Coq.Structures.DecidableTypeEx.
Require Export Coq.Structures.Equalities.
Require Export Coq.Strings.String.
Require Import CpdtTactics.
(** * Auxiliary definitions. *)
(** Strings are used as keys in maps of getters, setters, and methods of
interface types. For maps we use the list-based unordered representation,
because it only requires decidability on the domain of keys. [String_as_MDT]
and [String_as_UDT] below are auxiliary modules to define [StringMap]. *)
Module String_as_MDT.
Definition t := string.
Definition eq_dec := string_dec.
End String_as_MDT.
Module String_as_UDT := Equalities.Make_UDT(String_as_MDT).
(** [NatMap] is used to map type variables to type locations and to map type
locations to type values. *)
Module NatMap := FMapWeakList.Make(Nat_as_DT).
Module NatMapFacts := FMapFacts.Facts NatMap.
(** [StringMap] is used to map identifiers to getters, setters, and methods. *)
Module StringMap := FMapWeakList.Make(String_as_UDT).
(* A "comp A" denotes a partial function that may not terminate on some inputs
or terminate without an answer on others. *)
Module ComputationMonad.
Definition comp (A : Type) := nat -> option A.
Definition comp_return {A : Type} (a : A) : comp A := fun _ => Some a.
Definition abort {A : Type} : comp A := fun _ => None.
Definition comp_bind {A : Type} {B : Type} (x : comp A) (y : A -> comp B) : comp B :=
fun n => match x n with None => None | Some a => y a n end.
Definition comp_unsome {A : Type} (v : option A) : comp A := fun _ => v.
Notation "[ x ]" := (comp_return x) (at level 0, x at level 200).
Notation "[[ x ]]" := (comp_unsome x) (at level 0, x at level 99).
Notation "x <- m1 ; m2" := (comp_bind m1 (fun x => m2)) (at level 70, right associativity).
Fixpoint comp_fix' (A : Type) (B : Type) (f : (A -> comp B) -> (A -> comp B)) (a : A) (n : nat) {struct n} : option B :=
match n with
| O => None
| (S n) => let rec := fun (a : A) => comp_unsome (comp_fix' _ _ f a n) in f rec a n
Definition Fix {A : Type} {B : Type} (f : (A -> comp B) -> (A -> comp B)) : A -> comp B :=
fun a => fun n => comp_fix' _ _ f a n.
Module Continuity.
Definition continuous {A: Type} (f: comp A) : Prop :=
forall n k v, n <= k -> f n = Some v -> f k = Some v.
Lemma return_cont {A: Type} : forall a : A, continuous (comp_return a).
unfold comp_return.
unfold continuous.
Lemma abort_cont {A : Type} : continuous (@abort A).
unfold abort.
unfold continuous.
End Continuity.
End ComputationMonad.
Module OptionMonad.
Notation "[ x ]" := (Some x) (at level 0, x at level 200).
Definition opt_bind {A B} (x : option A) (f : A -> option B) : option B :=
match x with
| None => None
| Some v => f v
Notation "x <- m1 ; m2" := (opt_bind m1 (fun x => m2)) (at level 70, right associativity).
End OptionMonad.
Module ListExtensions.
Import ComputationMonad.
Fixpoint mmap {A B} (f : A -> comp B) (l : list A) : comp (list B) :=
match l with
| nil => [nil]
| (x::xs) => (x' <- f x; xs' <- mmap f xs; [x' :: xs'])
Lemma foldr_mono {A} {B} :
forall (P : A -> A -> Prop) (l : list B) (a0 : A) (f : B -> A -> A),
(forall x, P x x) ->
(forall x y z, P x y -> P y z -> P x z) ->
(forall a b, P a (f b a)) ->
P a0 (List.fold_right f a0 l).
induction l; crush.
pose proof (IHl a0 f H H0 H1).
pose proof (H1 (fold_right f a0 l) a).
pose proof (H0 _ _ _ H2 H3).
Lemma foldr_preserve {A} {B} :
forall (P : A -> Prop) (l : list B) (a0 : A) (f : B -> A -> A),
(forall a b, P a -> P (f b a)) ->
P a0 -> P (List.fold_right f a0 l).
induction l; crush.
Fixpoint list_all {A} (f : A -> Prop) (l : list A) :=
match l with
| nil => True
| (x::xs) => f x /\ list_all f xs
Lemma forall_list_all : forall A P (l : list A), Forall P l <-> list_all P l.
apply conj.
intro f.
induction f; crush.
induction l; crush.
End ListExtensions.
(* These could be generalized and factored into a functor, like FMapFacts, but
* right now there's no need. *)
Module MoreNatMapFacts.
Module N := Coq.Arith.PeanoNat.Nat.
Lemma add_3 {A} : forall m x (y y' : A), NatMap.MapsTo x y m /\ NatMap.MapsTo x y' m -> y = y'.
set (Fx := NatMap.find x m).
assert (Fx = NatMap.find x m) by auto.
pose proof (NatMap.find_1 H0).
pose proof (NatMap.find_1 H1).
Lemma maps_in_mapsto :
forall A (m : NatMap.t A) key,
NatMap.In key m ->
exists el, NatMap.MapsTo key el m.
pose proof (NatMapFacts.find_mapsto_iff m key).
pose proof (NatMapFacts.in_find_iff m key).
unfold iff in H1. destruct H1 as [H1a H1b].
pose proof (H1a H).
destruct (NatMap.find key m) eqn:?.
exists a. pose proof (H0 a). unfold iff in H2. destruct H2 as [H2a H2b].
apply H2b. congruence.
Lemma maps_mapsto_in :
forall A (m : NatMap.t A) key,
(exists el, NatMap.MapsTo key el m) ->
NatMap.In key m.
destruct H as (el & H1).
pose proof (NatMapFacts.find_mapsto_iff m key el).
unfold iff in H. destruct H as [H2 H3].
pose proof (H2 H1).
assert (Some el <> None). discriminate.
rewrite <- H in H0.
apply NatMapFacts.in_find_iff in H0.
End MoreNatMapFacts.