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The Dart SDK is a set of tools and libraries for the Dart programming language.
You can find information about Dart online at
Here's a brief guide to what's in here:
bin/ Binaries/scripts to compile, run, and manage Dart apps.
dart Command line Dart tool
dartaotruntime Minimal Dart runtime for running AOT modules
dart2js Dart to JavaScript production compiler
dartdevc Dart to Javascript development compiler
dartanalyzer Dart static analyzer
dartdoc Dart documentation generator
include/ header files that define the Dart embedding API for use by
- C/C++ applications that embed the Dart Virtual machine
- native libraries loaded into a dart application using FFI
lib/ Libraries that are shipped with the Dart runtime. More
information is available at
LICENSE Description of Dart SDK license
README This file
revision The git commit ID of the SDK build
(for example, 020b3efd3f0023c5db2097787f7cf778db837a8f).
version The version number of the SDK (for example, 2.12.1).