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// Copyright (c) 2021, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:isolate';
import 'dart:mirrors';
import 'isolate_mirrors_impl.dart';
import '../executor_shared/introspection_impls.dart';
import '../executor_shared/protocol.dart';
import '../executor_shared/remote_instance.dart';
import '../executor.dart';
import '../api.dart';
/// Returns an instance of [_IsolateMirrorMacroExecutor].
/// This is the only public api exposed by this library.
Future<MacroExecutor> start() => _IsolateMirrorMacroExecutor.start();
/// A [MacroExecutor] implementation which relies on [IsolateMirror.loadUri]
/// in order to load macros libraries.
/// All actual work happens in a separate [Isolate], and this class serves as
/// a bridge between that isolate and the language frontends.
class _IsolateMirrorMacroExecutor implements MacroExecutor {
/// The actual isolate doing macro loading and execution.
final Isolate _macroIsolate;
/// The channel used to send requests to the [_macroIsolate].
final SendPort _sendPort;
/// The stream of responses from the [_macroIsolate].
final Stream<Response> _responseStream;
/// A map of response completers by request id.
final _responseCompleters = <int, Completer<Response>>{};
/// A function that should be invoked when shutting down this executor
/// to perform any necessary cleanup.
final void Function() _onClose;
this._macroIsolate, this._sendPort, this._responseStream, this._onClose) {
_responseStream.listen((event) {
Completer<Response>? completer =
if (completer == null) {
throw new StateError(
'Got a response for an unrecognized request id ${event.requestId}');
/// Initialize an [IsolateMirrorMacroExecutor] and return it once ready.
/// Spawns the macro isolate and sets up a communication channel.
static Future<MacroExecutor> start() async {
ReceivePort receivePort = new ReceivePort();
Completer<SendPort> sendPortCompleter = new Completer<SendPort>();
StreamController<Response> responseStreamController =
new StreamController<Response>(sync: true);
receivePort.listen((message) {
if (!sendPortCompleter.isCompleted) {
sendPortCompleter.complete(message as SendPort);
} else {
responseStreamController.add(message as Response);
Isolate macroIsolate = await Isolate.spawn(spawn, receivePort.sendPort);
return new _IsolateMirrorMacroExecutor._(
await sendPortCompleter.future,,
Future<String> buildAugmentationLibrary(
Iterable<MacroExecutionResult> macroResults) {
// TODO: implement buildAugmentationLibrary
throw new UnimplementedError();
void close() {
Future<MacroExecutionResult> executeDeclarationsPhase(
MacroInstanceIdentifier macro,
Declaration declaration,
TypeResolver typeResolver,
ClassIntrospector classIntrospector) {
// TODO: implement executeDeclarationsPhase
throw new UnimplementedError();
Future<MacroExecutionResult> executeDefinitionsPhase(
MacroInstanceIdentifier macro,
DeclarationImpl declaration,
TypeResolver typeResolver,
ClassIntrospector classIntrospector,
TypeDeclarationResolver typeDeclarationResolver) =>
_sendRequest(new ExecuteDefinitionsPhaseRequest(
new RemoteInstanceImpl(
instance: typeResolver, id: RemoteInstance.uniqueId),
new RemoteInstanceImpl(
instance: classIntrospector, id: RemoteInstance.uniqueId),
new RemoteInstanceImpl(
instance: typeDeclarationResolver, id: RemoteInstance.uniqueId),
// Serialization zones are not necessary in this executor.
serializationZoneId: -1));
Future<MacroExecutionResult> executeTypesPhase(
MacroInstanceIdentifier macro, Declaration declaration) {
// TODO: implement executeTypesPhase
throw new UnimplementedError();
Future<MacroInstanceIdentifier> instantiateMacro(
MacroClassIdentifier macroClass,
String constructor,
Arguments arguments) =>
new InstantiateMacroRequest(macroClass, constructor, arguments,
// Serialization zones are not necessary in this executor.
serializationZoneId: -1));
Future<MacroClassIdentifier> loadMacro(Uri library, String name,
{Uri? precompiledKernelUri}) {
if (precompiledKernelUri != null) {
// TODO: Implement support?
throw new UnsupportedError(
'The IsolateMirrorsExecutor does not support precompiled dill files');
return _sendRequest(new LoadMacroRequest(library, name,
// Serialization zones are not necessary in this executor.
serializationZoneId: -1));
/// Sends a request and returns the response, casting it to the expected
/// type.
Future<T> _sendRequest<T>(Request request) async {
Completer<Response> completer = new Completer<Response>();
_responseCompleters[] = completer;
Response response = await completer.future;
T? result = response.response as T?;
if (result != null) return result;
throw response.error!;