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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Requirements=nnbd-weak
import "dart:collection";
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
import 'cast_helper.dart';
void main() {
testIterable() {
var iterable = new Iterable<C?>.generate(elements.length, (n) => elements[n]);
// Downcast non-nullable.
// An iterable that (likely) can do direct access.
var dIterableDirect = Iterable.castFrom<C?, D>(iterable);
Expect.equals(d, dIterableDirect.elementAt(1));
Expect.equals(null, dIterableDirect.skip(3).elementAt(1));
// An iterable that cannot do direct access.
var dIterableNonDirect =
Iterable.castFrom<C?, D>(iterable.where((_) => true));
Expect.equals(d, dIterableNonDirect.elementAt(1));
Expect.equals(null, dIterableNonDirect.skip(3).elementAt(1));
// Iterable that definitely won't survive accessing element 3.
var iterableLimited = new Iterable<C?>.generate(
elements.length, (n) => n == 3 ? throw "untouchable" : elements[n]);
var dIterableLimited = Iterable.castFrom<C?, D>(iterableLimited);
Expect.equals(d, dIterableLimited.elementAt(1));
Expect.equals(null, dIterableLimited.skip(3).elementAt(1));
// Upcast non-nullable.
var objectIterable = Iterable.castFrom<C?, Object>(iterable);
Expect.equals(null, objectIterable.skip(3).elementAt(1));
testList() {
var list = new List<C?>.from(elements);
// Downcast non-nullable.
var dList = List.castFrom<C?, D>(list);
Expect.equals(d, dList[1]);
Expect.equals(null, dList.last);
// Upcast non-nullable.
var objectList = List.castFrom<C?, Object>(list);
Expect.equals(null, objectList.last);
testMap() {
var map = new Map.fromIterables(elements, elements);
// Downcast non-nullable.
var dMap = Map.castFrom<C?, C?, D, D>(map);
Expect.equals(d, dMap[d]);
Expect.equals(null, dMap[null]);
// Test keys and values
Expect.isTrue(dMap.keys is Iterable<D>);
Expect.isTrue(dMap.values is Iterable<D>);
Expect.throws(() => dMap.keys.toList());
Expect.throws(() => dMap.values.toList());
// Upcast non-nullable.
var objectMap = Map.castFrom<C?, C?, Object, Object>(map);
Expect.equals(null, objectMap[null]);
// Test keys and values
Expect.isTrue(objectMap.keys is Iterable<Object>);
Expect.isTrue(objectMap.values is Iterable<Object>);
var expectedValues = new List<Object>.from(elements);
Expect.listEquals(expectedValues, objectMap.values.toList());
testSet() {
var setEls = new Set<C?>.from(elements);
// Downcast non-nullable.
var dSet = Set.castFrom<C?, D>(setEls);
Expect.equals(d, dSet.elementAt(1));
Expect.equals(null, dSet.last);
// Upcast non-nullable.
var objectSet = Set.castFrom<C?, Object>(setEls);
Expect.equals(null, objectSet.last);