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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Instances of the class [ServerListener] receive information from [Server]
/// about interactions with the server.
/// Clients may mix-in this class, but may not implement it.
mixin ServerListener {
/// Called when the [Server] could not decode a message.
void badMessage(String trimmedLine, exception) {
log('JSON decode failure', '$exception');
/// Called when the [Server] receives a line on stderr.
void errorMessage(String line) {
log('ERR:', line);
/// Called when the [Server] is terminating the server process
/// rather than requesting that the server stop itself.
void killingServerProcess(String reason) {
/// Log a message about interaction with the server.
void log(String prefix, String details);
/// Called when the [Server] received a response or notification.
void messageReceived(String json) {
log('<== ', json);
/// Called when the [Server] sends a request.
void requestSent(String json) {
log('==> ', json);
/// Called when the [Server] starts the server process.
void startingServer(String dartBinary, List<String> arguments) {
log('Starting analysis server:', '$dartBinary ${arguments.join(' ')}');
/// Called when the [Server] receives an unexpected message
/// which is not a notification or response.
void unexpectedMessage(Map<String, Object?> message) {
log('Unexpected message from server:', '$message');
/// Called when the [Server] received a response, which is not an error,
/// but the result is not an JSON object.
void unexpectedNotificationFormat(Map<String, Object?> message) {
log('Unexpected notification format from server', '$message');
/// Called when the [Server] recieved an unexpected response
/// where the [id] does not match the [id] of an outstanding request.
void unexpectedResponse(Map<String, Object?> message, Object id) {
log('Unexpected response from server', 'id=$id');
/// Called when the [Server] received a response, which is not an error,
/// but the result is not an JSON object.
void unexpectedResponseFormat(Map<String, Object?> message) {
log('Unexpected response format from server', '$message');
/// Called when the server process unexpectedly exits
/// with a non-zero exit code.
void unexpectedStop(int exitCode) {
log('Server terminated with exit code', '$exitCode');