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library test;
// Problems in library:
// pkg/front_end/testcases/inference_new/infer_field_override_getter_overrides_setter.dart:19:7: Error: Can't infer a type for 'x' as the overridden members don't have a combined signature.
// Try adding an explicit type.
// var x;
// ^
// pkg/front_end/testcases/inference_new/infer_field_override_getter_overrides_setter.dart:13:11: Context: This is one of the overridden members.
// int get x;
// ^
// pkg/front_end/testcases/inference_new/infer_field_override_getter_overrides_setter.dart:9:12: Context: This is one of the overridden members.
// void set x(num value);
// ^
import self as self;
import "dart:core" as core;
abstract class A extends core::Object {
synthetic constructor •() self::A*
: super core::Object::•()
abstract set x(core::num* value) void;
abstract member-signature get _identityHashCode() core::int*; -> core::Object::_identityHashCode
abstract member-signature method _instanceOf(dynamic instantiatorTypeArguments, dynamic functionTypeArguments, dynamic type) core::bool*; -> core::Object::_instanceOf
abstract member-signature method _simpleInstanceOf(dynamic type) core::bool*; -> core::Object::_simpleInstanceOf
abstract member-signature method _simpleInstanceOfTrue(dynamic type) core::bool*; -> core::Object::_simpleInstanceOfTrue
abstract member-signature method _simpleInstanceOfFalse(dynamic type) core::bool*; -> core::Object::_simpleInstanceOfFalse
abstract member-signature operator ==(dynamic other) core::bool*; -> core::Object::==
abstract member-signature get hashCode() core::int*; -> core::Object::hashCode
abstract member-signature method toString() core::String*; -> core::Object::toString
abstract member-signature method noSuchMethod(core::Invocation* invocation) dynamic; -> core::Object::noSuchMethod
abstract member-signature get runtimeType() core::Type*; -> core::Object::runtimeType
abstract class B extends self::A {
synthetic constructor •() self::B*
: super self::A::•()
abstract get x() core::int*;
class C extends self::B {
field invalid-type x = null;
synthetic constructor •() self::C*
: super self::B::•()
static method main() dynamic {}