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// Copyright (c) 2021, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// SharedObjects=ffi_test_functions
// NOTE: There is no `test/ffi_2/...` version of this test since annotations
// with type arguments isn't supported in that version of Dart.
import 'dart:ffi';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
import 'dylib_utils.dart';
final nativeLib = dlopenPlatformSpecific('ffi_test_functions');
final getRootLibraryUrl = nativeLib
.lookupFunction<Handle Function(), Object Function()>('GetRootLibraryUrl');
final setFfiNativeResolverForTest = nativeLib
.lookupFunction<Void Function(Handle), void Function(Object)>('SetFfiNativeResolverForTest');
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function(IntPtr)>('ReturnIntPtr')
external int returnIntPtr(int x);
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function(IntPtr)>('ReturnIntPtr', isLeaf: true)
external int returnIntPtrLeaf(int x);
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function()>('IsThreadInGenerated')
external int isThreadInGenerated();
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function()>('IsThreadInGenerated', isLeaf: true)
external int isThreadInGeneratedLeaf();
// Error: FFI leaf call must not have Handle return type.
@FfiNative<Handle Function()>("foo", isLeaf: true) //# 01: compile-time error
external Object foo(); //# 01: compile-time error
// Error: FFI leaf call must not have Handle argument types.
@FfiNative<Void Function(Handle)>("bar", isLeaf: true) //# 02: compile-time error
external void bar(Object); //# 02: compile-time error
class Classy {
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function(IntPtr)>('ReturnIntPtr')
external static int returnIntPtrStatic(int x);
// Error: FfiNative annotations can only be used on static functions.
@FfiNative<IntPtr Function(IntPtr)>('ReturnIntPtr') //# 03: compile-time error
external int returnIntPtrMethod(int x); //# 03: compile-time error
// Regression test: Ensure same-name FfiNative functions don't collide in the
// top-level namespace, but instead live under their parent (Library, Class).
class A {
@FfiNative<Void Function()>('nop')
external static void foo();
class B {
@FfiNative<Void Function()>('nop')
external static void foo();
void main() {
// Register test resolver for top-level functions above.
final root_lib_url = getRootLibraryUrl();
// Test we can call FfiNative functions.
Expect.equals(123, returnIntPtr(123));
Expect.equals(123, returnIntPtrLeaf(123));
Expect.equals(123, Classy.returnIntPtrStatic(123));
// Test FfiNative leaf calls remain in generated code.
// Regular calls should transition generated -> native.
Expect.equals(0, isThreadInGenerated());
// Leaf calls should remain in generated state.
Expect.equals(1, isThreadInGeneratedLeaf());