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Dart uses tcmalloc in the standalone VM on Linux.
To roll tcmalloc forward:
. Clone the gperftools git repo at the revision you want in a directory off
to the side.
. Run a configure command similar to the one in the configure_command file in
this directory. It is up to you to determine if different flags are required
for the newer gperftools.
. From that repo, copy src/config.h and src/gperftools/tcmalloc.h, and any other
generated header files to the include/ directory in this directory.
. Also copy the COPYING file and any other relevant licensing information.
. Make sure that include/config.h defines HAVE_UCONTEXT_H on Linux,
. Update tcmalloc_sources.gypi, and tcmalloc.gyp if necessary. This may require
inspecting gperftools/ to see any additional source files and
preprocessor defines (-D flags).
. Update the DEPS file with the new git hash.
. Build and run tests for Debug, Release, and Product builds for ia32, x64,
and arm for Linux and any other OSs that are supported.