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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:usage/usage.dart';
/// The [String] identifier `dartdev`, used as the category in the events sent
/// to analytics.
const String _dartdev = 'dartdev';
/// The collection of custom dimensions understood by the analytics backend.
/// When adding to this list, first ensure that the custom dimension is defined
/// in the backend (or will be defined shortly after the relevant PR lands).
/// The pattern here matches the flutter cli.
/// Note: do not re-order the elements in this enum!
enum _CustomDimensions {
commandExitCode, // cd1
enabledExperiments, // cd2
commandFlags, // cd3
String _cdKey(_CustomDimensions cd) => 'cd${cd.index + 1}';
Map<String, String> _useCdKeys(Map<_CustomDimensions, String> parameters) {
(_CustomDimensions k, String v) => MapEntry<String, String>(_cdKey(k), v),
/// Sends a usage event on [analytics].
/// [command] is the top-level command name being executed here, 'analyze' and
/// 'pub' are examples.
/// [action] is the command, and optionally the subcommand, joined with '/',
/// an example here is 'pub/get'.
/// [label] is not used yet used when reporting dartdev analytics, but the API
/// is included here for possible future use.
/// [exitCode] is the exit code returned from this invocation of dartdev.
/// [specifiedExperiements] are the experiments passed into the dartdev
/// command. If the command doesn't use the experiments, they are not reported.
/// [commandFlags] are the flags (no values) used to run this command.
Future<void> sendUsageEvent(
Analytics analytics,
String action, {
String label,
List<String> specifiedExperiments,
@required int exitCode,
@required List<String> commandFlags,
}) {
/// The category stores the name of this cli tool, 'dartdev'. This matches the
/// pattern from the flutter cli tool which always passes 'flutter' as the
/// category.
final category = _dartdev;
commandFlags =
commandFlags?.where((e) => e != 'enable-experiment')?.toList() ?? [];
specifiedExperiments = specifiedExperiments?.toList() ?? [];
// Sort the flag lists to slightly reduce the explosion of possibilities.
// Insert a seperator before and after the flags list to make it easier to filter
// for a specific flag:
final enabledExperimentsString = ' ${specifiedExperiments.join(' ')} ';
final commandFlagsString = ' ${commandFlags.join(' ')} ';
final Map<String, String> parameters = _useCdKeys(<_CustomDimensions, String>{
if (exitCode != null)
_CustomDimensions.commandExitCode: exitCode.toString(),
if (specifiedExperiments.isNotEmpty)
_CustomDimensions.enabledExperiments: enabledExperimentsString,
if (commandFlags.isNotEmpty)
_CustomDimensions.commandFlags: commandFlagsString,
return analytics.sendEvent(
label: label,
parameters: parameters,