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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
class A {
var foo;
B_Sfoo() => 'A.B_Sfoo()';
class B extends A {
B(x) : super(x);
B_Sfoo() =>;
BC_Sfoo() =>;
BCD_Sfoo() =>;
class C extends B {
var foo;
C(x, : super(x);
BC_Sfoo() =>;
BCD_Sfoo() =>;
class D extends C {
D(x, y) : super(x, y);
BCD_Sfoo() =>;
var inscrutable;
main() {
inscrutable = (x) => x;
var b = new B('Ba');
var c = new C('Ca', 'Cc');
var d = new D('Da', 'Dc');
// Check access via plain getter.
var b_bc = inscrutable(true) ? b : c; // B, but compiler thinks can also be C
var c_bc = inscrutable(true) ? c : b; // C, but compiler thinks can also be B
Expect.equals('Ba', inscrutable(b).foo);
Expect.equals('Cc', inscrutable(c).foo);
Expect.equals('Dc', inscrutable(d).foo);
Expect.equals('Ba', inscrutable(b_bc).foo);
Expect.equals('Cc', inscrutable(c_bc).foo);
// Check access via in various contexts
Expect.equals('Ba', b.B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', c.B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Da', d.B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ba', b.BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', c.BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Da', d.BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ba', b.BCD_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', c.BCD_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Dc', d.BCD_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ba', inscrutable(b).B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', inscrutable(c).B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Da', inscrutable(d).B_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ba', inscrutable(b).BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', inscrutable(c).BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Da', inscrutable(d).BC_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ba', inscrutable(b).BCD_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Ca', inscrutable(c).BCD_Sfoo());
Expect.equals('Dc', inscrutable(d).BCD_Sfoo());