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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.7
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:async_helper/async_helper.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/closure.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/common.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/commandline_options.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/compiler.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/diagnostics/diagnostic_listener.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/elements/entities.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/js_model/element_map.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/js_model/js_strategy.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/js_model/js_world.dart';
import 'package:kernel/ast.dart' as ir;
import '../equivalence/id_equivalence.dart';
import '../equivalence/id_equivalence_helper.dart';
const List<String> skip = [];
const List<String> skip2 = [];
main(List<String> args) {
runTests(List<String> args, [int shardIndex]) {
shardIndex: shardIndex,
shards: 2,
directory: 'data',
skip: skip,
options: [Flags.soundNullSafety]);
runTests2(List<String> args, [int shardIndex]) {
shardIndex: shardIndex,
shards: 2,
directory: 'data_2',
skip: skip2,
options: []);
runTestsCommon(List<String> args,
{int shardIndex,
int shards,
String directory,
List<String> options,
List<String> skip}) {
asyncTest(() async {
Directory dataDir = Directory.fromUri(Platform.script.resolve(directory));
await checkTests(dataDir, const CodegenDataComputer(),
forUserLibrariesOnly: true,
args: args,
options: options,
testedConfigs: allInternalConfigs,
skip: skip,
shardIndex: shardIndex ?? 0,
shards: shardIndex == null ? 1 : shards);
class CodegenDataComputer extends DataComputer<String> {
const CodegenDataComputer();
/// Compute generated code for [member].
/// Fills [actualMap] with the data.
void computeMemberData(Compiler compiler, MemberEntity member,
Map<Id, ActualData<String>> actualMap,
{bool verbose: false}) {
JsClosedWorld closedWorld = compiler.backendClosedWorldForTesting;
JsToElementMap elementMap = closedWorld.elementMap;
MemberDefinition definition = elementMap.getMemberDefinition(member);
CodegenIrComputer(compiler.reporter, actualMap, elementMap, member,
compiler.backendStrategy, closedWorld.closureDataLookup)
DataInterpreter<String> get dataValidator => const CodeDataInterpreter();
/// AST visitor for computing codegen data for a member.
class CodegenIrComputer extends IrDataExtractor<String> {
final JsBackendStrategy _backendStrategy;
final JsToElementMap _elementMap;
final ClosureData _closureDataLookup;
DiagnosticReporter reporter,
Map<Id, ActualData<String>> actualMap,
MemberEntity member,
: super(reporter, actualMap);
String getMemberValue(MemberEntity member) {
if (member is FunctionEntity) {
return _backendStrategy.getGeneratedCodeForTesting(member);
return null;
String computeMemberValue(Id id, ir.Member node) {
return getMemberValue(_elementMap.getMember(node));
String computeNodeValue(Id id, ir.TreeNode node) {
if (node is ir.FunctionExpression || node is ir.FunctionDeclaration) {
ClosureRepresentationInfo info = _closureDataLookup.getClosureInfo(node);
return getMemberValue(info.callMethod);
return null;
/// Default data interpreter for string data representing compiled JavaScript
/// code.
/// The data annotation reader strips out newlines and indentation so the
/// comparison needs to compensate.
/// The special data annotation `ignore` always passes, so we don't have to
/// track uninteresting code like a 'main' program.
class CodeDataInterpreter implements DataInterpreter<String> {
const CodeDataInterpreter();
String _clean(String code) => code.replaceAll(_re, '');
static RegExp _re = RegExp(r'[\n\r]\s*');
String isAsExpected(String actualData, String expectedData) {
actualData ??= '';
expectedData ??= '';
if (expectedData == 'ignore') return null;
if (_clean(actualData) != _clean(expectedData)) {
return 'Expected $expectedData, found $actualData';
return null;
bool isEmpty(String actualData) {
return _clean(actualData) == '';
String getText(String actualData, [String indentation]) {
return actualData;