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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library test.invoke_private_test;
import 'dart:mirrors';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
class C {
var _field;
C() : this._field = 'default';
get _getter => 'get $_field';
set _setter(v) => _field = 'set $v';
_method(x, y, z) => '$x+$y+$z';
static var _staticField = 'initial';
static get _staticGetter => 'sget $_staticField';
static set _staticSetter(v) => _staticField = 'sset $v';
static _staticFunction(x, y) => "($x,$y)";
var _libraryField = 'a priori';
get _libraryGetter => 'lget $_libraryField';
set _librarySetter(v) => _libraryField = 'lset $v';
_libraryFunction(x, y) => '$x$y';
main() {
var result;
// InstanceMirror.
C c = new C();
InstanceMirror im = reflect(c);
result = im.invoke(#_method, [2, 4, 8]);
Expect.equals('2+4+8', result.reflectee);
result = im.getField(#_getter);
Expect.equals('get default', result.reflectee);
result = im.getField(#_field);
Expect.equals('default', result.reflectee);
im.setField(#_setter, 'foo');
Expect.equals('set foo', c._field);
im.setField(#_field, 'bar');
Expect.equals('bar', c._field);
// ClassMirror.
ClassMirror cm = reflectClass(C);
result = cm.invoke(#_staticFunction, [3, 4]);
Expect.equals('(3,4)', result.reflectee);
result = cm.getField(#_staticGetter);
Expect.equals('sget initial', result.reflectee);
result = cm.getField(#_staticField);
Expect.equals('initial', result.reflectee);
cm.setField(#_staticSetter, 'sfoo');
Expect.equals('sset sfoo', C._staticField);
cm.setField(#_staticField, 'sbar');
Expect.equals('sbar', C._staticField);
result = cm.newInstance(#_named, ['my value']);
Expect.isTrue(result.reflectee is C);
Expect.equals('my value', result.reflectee._field);
// LibraryMirror.
LibraryMirror lm = cm.owner as LibraryMirror;
result = lm.invoke(#_libraryFunction, [':', ')']);
Expect.equals(':)', result.reflectee);
result = lm.getField(#_libraryGetter);
Expect.equals('lget a priori', result.reflectee);
result = lm.getField(#_libraryField);
Expect.equals('a priori', result.reflectee);
lm.setField(#_librarySetter, 'lfoo');
Expect.equals('lset lfoo', _libraryField);
lm.setField(#_libraryField, 'lbar');
Expect.equals('lbar', _libraryField);