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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/compiler/recognized_methods_list.h"
#include "vm/growable_array.h"
#include "vm/token.h"
namespace dart {
// Forward declarations.
class Function;
class Library;
class Object;
class String;
class Zone;
// Class that recognizes the name and owner of a function and returns the
// corresponding enum. See RECOGNIZED_LIST above for list of recognizable
// functions.
class MethodRecognizer : public AllStatic {
enum Kind {
#define DEFINE_ENUM_LIST(class_name, function_name, enum_name, fp) k##enum_name,
static intptr_t NumArgsCheckedForStaticCall(const Function& function);
// Try to find an annotation of the form
// @pragma("vm:exact-result-type", int)
// @pragma("vm:exact-result-type", "dart:core#_Smi")
// and return the exact cid if found or kDynamicCid otherwise.
// See [].
static intptr_t ResultCidFromPragma(const Object& function_or_field);
// Try to find an annotation of the form
// @pragma("vm:non-nullable-result-type")
// and returns true iff `false` was specified in the annotation.
// See [].
static bool HasNonNullableResultTypeFromPragma(
const Object& function_or_field);
static intptr_t MethodKindToReceiverCid(Kind kind);
static const char* KindToCString(Kind kind);
static bool IsMarkedAsRecognized(const Function& function,
const char* kind = nullptr);
static void InitializeState();
static void Libraries(GrowableArray<Library*>* libs);
// Recognizes token corresponding to a method name.
class MethodTokenRecognizer : public AllStatic {
static Token::Kind RecognizeTokenKind(const String& name);
// Class that recognizes factories and returns corresponding result cid.
class FactoryRecognizer : public AllStatic {
// Return result cid of 'factory' if it is recognized.
// Return kDynamicCid if factory is not recognized.
static intptr_t ResultCid(const Function& factory);
// Return result cid of 'function' called with 'argument_count' arguments,
// if function is a recognized list factory constructor.
// Return kDynamicCid if function is not recognized.
static intptr_t GetResultCidOfListFactory(Zone* zone,
const Function& function,
intptr_t argument_count);
} // namespace dart