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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "lib/stacktrace.h"
#include "vm/bootstrap_natives.h"
#include "vm/debugger.h"
#include "vm/exceptions.h"
#include "vm/native_entry.h"
#include "vm/object_store.h"
#include "vm/runtime_entry.h"
#include "vm/stack_frame.h"
#include "vm/stack_trace.h"
namespace dart {
DECLARE_FLAG(bool, show_invisible_frames);
static const intptr_t kDefaultStackAllocation = 8;
static StackTracePtr CreateStackTraceObject(
Zone* zone,
const GrowableObjectArray& code_list,
const GrowableArray<uword>& pc_offset_list) {
const auto& code_array =
Array::Handle(zone, Array::MakeFixedLength(code_list));
const auto& pc_offset_array = TypedData::Handle(
zone, TypedData::New(kUintPtrCid, pc_offset_list.length()));
NoSafepointScope no_safepoint;
pc_offset_list.length() * kWordSize);
return StackTrace::New(code_array, pc_offset_array);
static StackTracePtr CurrentSyncStackTraceLazy(Thread* thread,
intptr_t skip_frames = 1) {
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
const auto& code_array = GrowableObjectArray::ZoneHandle(
zone, GrowableObjectArray::New(kDefaultStackAllocation));
GrowableArray<uword> pc_offset_array;
// Collect the frames.
StackTraceUtils::CollectFramesLazy(thread, code_array, &pc_offset_array,
return CreateStackTraceObject(zone, code_array, pc_offset_array);
static StackTracePtr CurrentSyncStackTrace(Thread* thread,
intptr_t skip_frames = 1) {
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
const Function& null_function = Function::ZoneHandle(zone);
// Determine how big the stack trace is.
const intptr_t stack_trace_length =
StackTraceUtils::CountFrames(thread, skip_frames, null_function, nullptr);
// Allocate once.
const Array& code_array =
Array::ZoneHandle(zone, Array::New(stack_trace_length));
const TypedData& pc_offset_array = TypedData::ZoneHandle(
zone, TypedData::New(kUintPtrCid, stack_trace_length));
// Collect the frames.
const intptr_t collected_frames_count = StackTraceUtils::CollectFrames(
thread, code_array, pc_offset_array, 0, stack_trace_length, skip_frames);
ASSERT(collected_frames_count == stack_trace_length);
return StackTrace::New(code_array, pc_offset_array);
// Gets current stack trace for `thread`.
// This functions itself handles the --causel-async-stacks case.
// For --lazy-async-stacks see `CurrentSyncStackTraceLazy`.
// For fallback see `CurrentSyncStackTrace`.
// Extracts the causal async stack from the thread if any set, then prepends
// the current sync. stack up until the current async function (if any).
static StackTracePtr CurrentStackTrace(Thread* thread,
bool for_async_function,
intptr_t skip_frames = 1) {
if (FLAG_lazy_async_stacks) {
return CurrentSyncStackTraceLazy(thread, skip_frames);
// Return the synchronous stack trace.
return CurrentSyncStackTrace(thread, skip_frames);
StackTracePtr GetStackTraceForException() {
Thread* thread = Thread::Current();
return CurrentStackTrace(thread, false, 0);
DEFINE_NATIVE_ENTRY(StackTrace_current, 0, 0) {
return CurrentStackTrace(thread, false);
static void AppendFrames(const GrowableObjectArray& code_list,
GrowableArray<uword>* pc_offset_list,
int skip_frames) {
Thread* thread = Thread::Current();
Zone* zone = thread->zone();
StackFrameIterator frames(ValidationPolicy::kDontValidateFrames, thread,
StackFrame* frame = frames.NextFrame();
ASSERT(frame != NULL); // We expect to find a dart invocation frame.
Code& code = Code::Handle(zone);
for (; frame != NULL; frame = frames.NextFrame()) {
if (!frame->IsDartFrame()) {
if (skip_frames > 0) {
code = frame->LookupDartCode();
const intptr_t pc_offset = frame->pc() - code.PayloadStart();
// Creates a StackTrace object from the current stack.
// Skips the first skip_frames Dart frames.
const StackTrace& GetCurrentStackTrace(int skip_frames) {
Zone* zone = Thread::Current()->zone();
const GrowableObjectArray& code_list =
GrowableObjectArray::Handle(zone, GrowableObjectArray::New());
GrowableArray<uword> pc_offset_list;
AppendFrames(code_list, &pc_offset_list, skip_frames);
const StackTrace& stacktrace = StackTrace::Handle(
zone, CreateStackTraceObject(zone, code_list, pc_offset_list));
return stacktrace;
bool HasStack() {
Thread* thread = Thread::Current();
StackFrameIterator frames(ValidationPolicy::kDontValidateFrames, thread,
StackFrame* frame = frames.NextFrame();
return frame != nullptr;
} // namespace dart