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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
late int? lateTopLevelField;
class Class<T> {
static late int? lateStaticField1;
static late int? lateStaticField2;
static staticMethod() {
throws(() => lateStaticField2,
'Read value from uninitialized Class.lateStaticField2');
lateStaticField2 = 42;
expect(42, lateStaticField2);
late int? lateInstanceField;
late T? lateGenericInstanceField;
instanceMethod(T? value) {
throws(() => lateInstanceField,
'Read value from uninitialized Class.lateInstanceField');
lateInstanceField = 16;
expect(16, lateInstanceField);
throws(() => lateGenericInstanceField,
'Read value from uninitialized Class.lateGenericInstanceField');
lateGenericInstanceField = value;
expect(value, lateGenericInstanceField);
extension Extension<T> on Class<T> {
static late int? lateExtensionField1;
static late int? lateExtensionField2;
static staticMethod() {
throws(() => lateExtensionField2,
'Read value from uninitialized Class.lateExtensionField2');
lateExtensionField2 = 42;
expect(42, lateExtensionField2);
main() {
throws(() => lateTopLevelField,
'Read value from uninitialized lateTopLevelField');
lateTopLevelField = 123;
expect(123, lateTopLevelField);
throws(() => Class.lateStaticField1,
'Read value from uninitialized Class.lateStaticField1');
Class.lateStaticField1 = 87;
expect(87, Class.lateStaticField1);
throws(() => Extension.lateExtensionField1,
'Read value from uninitialized Extension.lateExtensionField1');
Extension.lateExtensionField1 = 87;
expect(87, Extension.lateExtensionField1);
new Class<int?>().instanceMethod(null);
new Class<int?>().instanceMethod(0);
new Class<int>().instanceMethod(null);
new Class<int>().instanceMethod(0);
expect(expected, actual) {
if (expected != actual) throw 'Expected $expected, actual $actual';
throws(f(), String message) {
dynamic value;
try {
value = f();
} on Error catch (e) {
throw '$message: $value';