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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Defines the front-end API for converting source code to Dart Kernel objects.
library front_end.kernel_generator_impl;
import 'dart:async' show Future;
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:kernel/kernel.dart' show Component, CanonicalName;
import 'base/processed_options.dart';
import 'fasta/severity.dart' show Severity;
import 'fasta/compiler_context.dart' show CompilerContext;
import 'fasta/deprecated_problems.dart' show deprecated_InputError, reportCrash;
import 'fasta/dill/dill_target.dart' show DillTarget;
import 'fasta/kernel/kernel_target.dart' show KernelTarget;
import 'fasta/kernel/utils.dart';
import 'fasta/kernel/verifier.dart';
import 'fasta/uri_translator.dart' show UriTranslator;
/// Implementation for the
/// `package:front_end/src/api_prototype/kernel_generator.dart` and
/// `package:front_end/src/api_prototype/summary_generator.dart` APIs.
Future<CompilerResult> generateKernel(ProcessedOptions options,
{bool buildSummary: false,
bool buildComponent: true,
bool truncateSummary: false}) async {
return await CompilerContext.runWithOptions(options, (_) async {
return await generateKernelInternal(
buildSummary: buildSummary,
buildComponent: buildComponent,
truncateSummary: truncateSummary);
Future<CompilerResult> generateKernelInternal(
{bool buildSummary: false,
bool buildComponent: true,
bool truncateSummary: false}) async {
var options = CompilerContext.current.options;
var fs = options.fileSystem;
if (!await options.validateOptions()) return null;
options.ticker.logMs("Validated arguments");
try {
UriTranslator uriTranslator = await options.getUriTranslator();
var dillTarget =
new DillTarget(options.ticker, uriTranslator,;
Set<Uri> externalLibs(Component component) {
return component.libraries
.where((lib) => lib.isExternal)
.map((lib) => lib.importUri)
var sdkSummary = await options.loadSdkSummary(null);
// By using the nameRoot of the the summary, we enable sharing the
// sdkSummary between multiple invocations.
CanonicalName nameRoot = sdkSummary?.root ?? new CanonicalName.root();
if (sdkSummary != null) {
var excluded = externalLibs(sdkSummary);
filter: (uri) => !excluded.contains(uri));
// TODO(sigmund): provide better error reporting if input summaries or
// linked dependencies were listed out of order (or provide mechanism to
// sort them).
for (var inputSummary in await options.loadInputSummaries(nameRoot)) {
var excluded = externalLibs(inputSummary);
filter: (uri) => !excluded.contains(uri));
// All summaries are considered external and shouldn't include source-info.
dillTarget.loader.libraries.forEach((lib) {
// TODO(ahe): Don't do this, and remove [external_state_snapshot.dart].
lib.isExternal = true;
// Linked dependencies are meant to be part of the component so they are not
// marked external.
for (var dependency in await options.loadLinkDependencies(nameRoot)) {
var excluded = externalLibs(dependency);
filter: (uri) => !excluded.contains(uri));
await dillTarget.buildOutlines();
var kernelTarget = new KernelTarget(fs, false, dillTarget, uriTranslator);
Component summaryComponent =
await kernelTarget.buildOutlines(nameRoot: nameRoot);
List<int> summary = null;
if (buildSummary) {
if (options.verify) {
for (var error in verifyComponent(summaryComponent)) {, Severity.error);
if (options.debugDump) {
libraryFilter: kernelTarget.isSourceLibrary);
// Copy the component to exclude the uriToSource map from the summary.
// Note: we don't pass the library argument to the constructor to
// preserve the the libraries parent pointer (it should continue to point
// to the component within KernelTarget).
var trimmedSummaryComponent =
new Component(nameRoot: summaryComponent.root)
? kernelTarget.loader.libraries
: summaryComponent.libraries);
// As documented, we only run outline transformations when we are building
// summaries without building a full component (at this time, that's
// the only need we have for these transformations).
if (!buildComponent) {;
options.ticker.logMs("Transformed outline");
summary = serializeComponent(trimmedSummaryComponent);
options.ticker.logMs("Generated outline");
Component component;
if (buildComponent && kernelTarget.errors.isEmpty) {
component = await kernelTarget.buildComponent(verify: options.verify);
if (options.debugDump) {
libraryFilter: kernelTarget.isSourceLibrary);
options.ticker.logMs("Generated component");
return new CompilerResult(
summary: summary,
component: component,
deps: kernelTarget.loader.getDependencies());
} on deprecated_InputError catch (e) {
deprecated_InputError.toMessage(e), Severity.internalProblem);
return null;
} catch (e, t) {
return reportCrash(e, t);
/// Result object of [generateKernel].
class CompilerResult {
/// The generated summary bytes, if it was requested.
final List<int> summary;
/// The generated component, if it was requested.
final Component component;
/// Dependencies traversed by the compiler. Used only for generating
/// dependency .GN files in the dart-sdk build system.
/// Note this might be removed when we switch to compute depencencies without
/// using the compiler itself.
final List<Uri> deps;
CompilerResult({this.summary, this.component, this.deps});