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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// **Note**: If you already have a `build.dart` in your application, we
/// recommend to use the `package:polymer/builder.dart` library instead.
/// Temporary deploy command used to create a version of the app that can be
/// compiled with dart2js and deployed. Following pub layout conventions, this
/// script will treat any HTML file under a package 'web/' and 'test/'
/// directories as entry points.
/// From an application package you can run deploy by creating a small program
/// as follows:
/// import "package:polymer/deploy.dart" as deploy;
/// main() => deploy.main();
/// This library should go away once `pub deploy` can be configured to run
/// barback transformers.
library polymer.deploy;
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:code_transformers/tests.dart' show testingDartSdkDirectory;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'src/build/common.dart' show TransformOptions, LintOptions,
import 'src/build/runner.dart';
import 'transformer.dart';
main(List<String> arguments) {
var args = _parseArgs(arguments);
if (args == null) exit(1);
var test = args['test'];
var outDir = args['out'];
var filters = [];
if (args['file-filter'] != null) {
filters = args['file-filter'].split(',');
var options;
if (test == null) {
var transformOps = new TransformOptions(
directlyIncludeJS: args['js'],
contentSecurityPolicy: args['csp'],
releaseMode: !args['debug']);
var phases = createDeployPhases(transformOps);
options = new BarbackOptions(phases, outDir,
// TODO(sigmund): include here also smoke transformer when it's on by
// default.
packagePhases: {'polymer': phasesForPolymer});
} else {
options = _createTestOptions(
test, outDir, args['js'], args['csp'], !args['debug'],
if (options == null) exit(1);
print('polymer/deploy.dart: creating a deploy target for '
.then((_) => print('Done! All files written to "$outDir"'))
BarbackOptions _createTestOptions(String testFile, String outDir,
bool directlyIncludeJS, bool contentSecurityPolicy, bool releaseMode,
List<String> filters) {
var testDir = path.normalize(path.dirname(testFile));
// A test must be allowed to import things in the package.
// So we must find its package root, given the entry point. We can do this
// by walking up to find pubspec.yaml.
var pubspecDir = _findDirWithFile(path.absolute(testDir), 'pubspec.yaml');
if (pubspecDir == null) {
print('error: pubspec.yaml file not found, please run this script from '
'your package root directory or a subdirectory.');
return null;
var packageName = readCurrentPackageFromPubspec(pubspecDir);
// Find the dart-root so we can include all package dependencies and
// transformers from other packages.
var pkgDir = path.join(_findDirWithDir(path.absolute(testDir), 'pkg'), 'pkg');
var phases = createDeployPhases(new TransformOptions(
entryPoints: [path.relative(testFile, from: pubspecDir)],
directlyIncludeJS: directlyIncludeJS,
contentSecurityPolicy: contentSecurityPolicy,
releaseMode: releaseMode,
lint: new LintOptions.disabled()), sdkDir: testingDartSdkDirectory);
var dirs = {};
// Note: we include all packages in pkg/ to keep things simple. Ideally this
// should be restricted to the transitive dependencies of this package.
_subDirs(pkgDir).forEach((p) { dirs[path.basename(p)] = p; });
// Note: packageName may be a duplicate of 'polymer', but that's ok (they
// should be the same value).
dirs[packageName]= pubspecDir;
return new BarbackOptions(phases, outDir,
currentPackage: packageName,
packageDirs: dirs,
// TODO(sigmund): include here also smoke transformer when it's on by
// default.
packagePhases: {'polymer': phasesForPolymer},
transformTests: true,
fileFilter: filters);
String _findDirWithFile(String dir, String filename) {
while (!new File(path.join(dir, filename)).existsSync()) {
var parentDir = path.dirname(dir);
// If we reached root and failed to find it, bail.
if (parentDir == dir) return null;
dir = parentDir;
return dir;
String _findDirWithDir(String dir, String subdir) {
while (!new Directory(path.join(dir, subdir)).existsSync()) {
var parentDir = path.dirname(dir);
// If we reached root and failed to find it, bail.
if (parentDir == dir) return null;
dir = parentDir;
return dir;
List<String> _subDirs(String dir) =>
new Directory(dir).listSync(followLinks: false)
.where((d) => d is Directory).map((d) => d.path).toList();
void _reportErrorAndExit(e, trace) {
print('Uncaught error: $e');
if (trace != null) print(trace);
ArgResults _parseArgs(arguments) {
var parser = new ArgParser()
..addFlag('help', abbr: 'h', help: 'Displays this help message.',
defaultsTo: false, negatable: false)
..addOption('out', abbr: 'o', help: 'Directory to generate files into.',
defaultsTo: 'out')
..addOption('file-filter', help: 'Do not copy in files that match \n'
'these filters to the deployed folder, e.g., ".svn"',
defaultsTo: null)
..addOption('test', help: 'Deploy the test at the given path.\n'
'Note: currently this will deploy all tests in its directory,\n'
'but it will eventually deploy only the specified test.')
..addFlag('js', help:
'deploy replaces *.dart scripts with *.dart.js. This flag \n'
'leaves "packages/browser/dart.js" to do the replacement at runtime.',
defaultsTo: true)
..addFlag('debug', help:
'run in debug mode. For example, use the debug polyfill \n'
'web_components/platform.concat.js instead of the minified one.\n',
defaultsTo: false)
..addFlag('csp', help:
'extracts inlined JavaScript code to comply with \n'
'Content Security Policy restrictions.');
try {
var results = parser.parse(arguments);
if (results['help']) {
return null;
return results;
} on FormatException catch (e) {
return null;
_showUsage(parser) {
print('Usage: dart --package-root=packages/ '
'package:polymer/deploy.dart [options]');