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# Print svn revisions for Dartium internal repositories. The output
# is included in each Dartium archive build / release.
# This script is necessary because Dartium maintains its own branches
# of Chromium and WebKit. This script is for temporary use only; it
# will not be integrated back into Chromium.
function version() {
if [ $(svnversion) == exported ]
# git-svn
git svn info | grep Revision | cut -c 11-
# svn
echo $(svnversion)
root_dir=$(dirname $0)/../..
pushd ${root_dir} > /dev/null
echo dartium-chromium: $(version)
cd third_party/WebKit
echo dartium-webkit: $(version)
cd ../../dart/runtime
echo dartium-runtime: $(version)
popd > /dev/null