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This is an Eclipse workspace for Helios Service Release 2.
1. When you open Eclipse the first time, it will ask you to create a
workspace or select an existing one. You can use this directory as
workspace, or you can choose a different one.
2. If you're already using Eclipse, you can either switch to a new
workspace (File > Switch Workspace) or use your current workspace.
3. Add the following "Path Variable" to your workspace:
(Open Preferences... > General > Workspace > Linked Resources)
DART_TRUNK: point to the root of your checkout
4. Add a "Classpath Variable" to your workspace called DART_TRUNK
that points to the same directory as your DART_TRUNK path variable.
(Open Preferences... > Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables).
5. Regardless if you're using this directory as a workspace, you have
to import the projects (File > Import... > General > Existing
Projects into Workspace).
6. Click "Next >"
7. Select root directory. Browse to: compiler/eclipse.workspace.
8. It should find and select two projects (dartc and tests).
9. Click Finish. (At this point Eclipse may get stuck, if so, exit
Eclipse by right-clicking on the dock icon, and restart).
10. Open Preferences... > Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings > Potential
programming problems. Change "Serializable class without
serialVersionUID" to "Ignore".
11. Import the launch configuration (File > Import... > Run/Debug >
Launch Configurations).
12. Click "Next >"
13. In SVN, browse to: compiler/eclipse.workspace/tests.
14. Select "tests".
15. Click Finish.
16. Try running the tests: Run > Run History > dartc test suites.