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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of;
class FileSystemEntityType {
static const FILE = const FileSystemEntityType._internal(0);
static const DIRECTORY = const FileSystemEntityType._internal(1);
static const LINK = const FileSystemEntityType._internal(2);
static const NOT_FOUND = const FileSystemEntityType._internal(3);
static const _typeList = const [FileSystemEntityType.FILE,
const FileSystemEntityType._internal(int this._type);
static FileSystemEntityType _lookup(int type) => _typeList[type];
String toString() => const ['FILE', 'DIRECTORY', 'LINK', 'NOT_FOUND'][_type];
final int _type;
* A [FileSystemEntity] is a common super class for [File] and
* [Directory] objects.
* [FileSystemEntity] objects are returned from directory listing
* operations. To determine if a FileSystemEntity is a [File] or a
* [Directory], perform a type check:
* if (entity is File) (entity as File).readAsStringSync();
abstract class FileSystemEntity {
String get path;
external static int _getType(String path, bool followLinks);
external static bool _identical(String path1, String path2);
static int _getTypeSync(String path, bool followLinks) {
var result = _getType(path, followLinks);
_throwIfError(result, 'Error getting type of FileSystemEntity');
return result;
* Do two paths refer to the same object in the file system?
* Links are not identical to their targets, and two links
* are not identical just because they point to identical targets.
* Links in intermediate directories in the paths are followed, though.
* Throws an error if one of the paths points to an object that does not
* exist.
* The target of a link can be compared by first getting it with
static bool identicalSync(String path1, String path2) {
var result = _identical(path1, path2);
_throwIfError(result, 'Error in FileSystemEntity.identical');
return result;
static FileSystemEntityType typeSync(String path, {bool followLinks: true})
=> FileSystemEntityType._lookup(_getTypeSync(path, followLinks));
static bool isLinkSync(String path) =>
(_getTypeSync(path, false) == FileSystemEntityType.LINK._type);
static bool isFileSync(String path) =>
(_getTypeSync(path, true) == FileSystemEntityType.FILE._type);
static bool isDirectorySync(String path) =>
(_getTypeSync(path, true) == FileSystemEntityType.DIRECTORY._type);
static _throwIfError(Object result, String msg) {
if (result is OSError) {
throw new FileIOException(msg, result);
} else if (result is ArgumentError) {
throw result;