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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
import "package:async_helper/async_helper.dart";
import 'compiler_helper.dart';
import 'parser_helper.dart';
import "package:compiler/src/types/types.dart";
const String CODE = """
class A {}
class B extends A {}
class C implements A {}
class D implements A {}
main() {
print([new A(), new B(), new C(), new D()]);
main() {
Uri uri = new Uri(scheme: 'source');
var compiler = compilerFor(CODE, uri);
var classWorld =;
asyncTest(() => compiler.runCompiler(uri).then((_) {
var classA = findElement(compiler, 'A');
var classB = findElement(compiler, 'B');
var classC = findElement(compiler, 'C');
var classD = findElement(compiler, 'D');
var exactA = new TypeMask.nonNullExact(classA, classWorld);
var exactB = new TypeMask.nonNullExact(classB, classWorld);
var exactC = new TypeMask.nonNullExact(classC, classWorld);
var exactD = new TypeMask.nonNullExact(classD, classWorld);
var subclassA = new TypeMask.nonNullSubclass(classA, classWorld);
var subtypeA = new TypeMask.nonNullSubtype(classA, classWorld);
var subclassObject = new TypeMask.nonNullSubclass(compiler.objectClass,
var unionABC = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([exactA, exactB, exactC], classWorld);
var unionABnC = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([exactA, exactB.nullable(), exactC],
var unionAB = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([exactA, exactB], classWorld);
var unionSubtypeAC = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([subtypeA, exactC], classWorld);
var unionSubclassAC = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([subclassA, exactC],
var unionBCD = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([exactB, exactC, exactD], classWorld);
var unionBCDn = UnionTypeMask.unionOf([exactB, exactC, exactD.nullable()],
rule(a, b, c) => Expect.equals(c, a.isInMask(b, classWorld));
rule(exactA, exactA, true);
rule(exactA, exactB, false);
rule(exactA, exactC, false);
rule(exactA, subclassA, true);
rule(exactA, subtypeA, true);
rule(exactB, exactA, false);
rule(exactB, exactB, true);
rule(exactB, exactC, false);
rule(exactB, subclassA, true);
rule(exactB, subtypeA, true);
rule(exactC, exactA, false);
rule(exactC, exactB, false);
rule(exactC, exactC, true);
rule(exactC, subclassA, false);
rule(exactC, subtypeA, true);
rule(subclassA, exactA, false);
rule(subclassA, exactB, false);
rule(subclassA, exactC, false);
rule(subclassA, subclassA, true);
rule(subclassA, subtypeA, true);
rule(subtypeA, exactA, false);
rule(subtypeA, exactB, false);
rule(subtypeA, exactC, false);
rule(subtypeA, subclassA, false);
rule(subtypeA, subtypeA, true);
rule(unionABC, unionSubtypeAC, true);
rule(unionSubtypeAC, unionABC, true);
rule(unionAB, unionSubtypeAC, true);
rule(unionSubtypeAC, unionAB, false);
rule(unionABC, unionSubclassAC, true);
rule(unionSubclassAC, unionABC, true);
rule(unionAB, unionSubclassAC, true);
rule(unionSubclassAC, unionAB, false);
rule(unionAB, subclassA, true);
rule(subclassA, unionAB, true);
rule(unionABC, subtypeA, true);
rule(subtypeA, unionABC, true);
rule(unionABC, subclassA, false);
rule(subclassA, unionABC, true);
rule(unionAB, subclassA, true);
rule(subclassA, unionAB, true);
rule(exactA, subclassObject, true);
rule(exactB, subclassObject, true);
rule(subclassA, subclassObject, true);
rule(subtypeA, subclassObject, true);
rule(unionABC, subclassObject, true);
rule(unionAB, subclassObject, true);
rule(unionSubtypeAC, subclassObject, true);
rule(unionSubclassAC, subclassObject, true);
rule(unionABnC, unionABC, false);
rule(unionABC, unionABnC, true);
rule(exactA.nullable(), unionABnC, true);
rule(exactA.nullable(), unionABC, false);
rule(exactB, unionABnC, true);
rule(unionBCDn, unionBCD, false);
rule(unionBCD, unionBCDn, true);
rule(exactB.nullable(), unionBCDn, true);
rule(exactB.nullable(), unionBCD, false);