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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library compiler_helper;
import 'dart:async';
import "package:expect/expect.dart";
import 'package:compiler/src/elements/elements.dart'
as lego;
export 'package:compiler/src/elements/elements.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/js_backend/js_backend.dart'
as js;
import 'package:compiler/src/dart2jslib.dart'
as leg;
export 'package:compiler/src/dart2jslib.dart'
show Constant,
import 'package:compiler/src/ssa/ssa.dart' as ssa;
import 'package:compiler/src/types/types.dart'
as types;
export 'package:compiler/src/types/types.dart'
show TypeMask;
import 'package:compiler/src/util/util.dart';
export 'package:compiler/src/util/util.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/source_file.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/dart2jslib.dart'
show Compiler;
export 'package:compiler/src/tree/tree.dart';
import 'mock_compiler.dart';
export 'mock_compiler.dart';
Future<String> compile(String code,
{String entry: 'main',
bool enableTypeAssertions: false,
bool minify: false,
bool analyzeAll: false,
bool disableInlining: true,
void check(String generated)}) {
MockCompiler compiler = new MockCompiler.internal(
enableTypeAssertions: enableTypeAssertions,
// Type inference does not run when manually
// compiling a method.
disableTypeInference: true,
enableMinification: minify,
disableInlining: disableInlining);
return compiler.init().then((_) {
lego.Element element = compiler.mainApp.find(entry);
if (element == null) return null;
compiler.phase = Compiler.PHASE_RESOLVING;
compiler.processQueue(compiler.enqueuer.resolution, element);;
var context = new js.JavaScriptItemCompilationContext();
leg.ResolutionWorkItem resolutionWork =
new leg.ResolutionWorkItem(element, context);, compiler.enqueuer.resolution);
leg.CodegenWorkItem work =
new leg.CodegenWorkItem(element, context);
compiler.phase = Compiler.PHASE_COMPILING;, compiler.enqueuer.codegen);
js.JavaScriptBackend backend = compiler.backend;
String generated = backend.assembleCode(element);
if (check != null) {
return generated;
// TODO(herhut): Disallow warnings and errors during compilation by default.
MockCompiler compilerFor(String code, Uri uri,
{bool analyzeAll: false,
bool analyzeOnly: false,
Map<String, String> coreSource,
bool disableInlining: true,
bool minify: false,
bool trustTypeAnnotations: false,
int expectedErrors,
int expectedWarnings}) {
MockCompiler compiler = new MockCompiler.internal(
analyzeAll: analyzeAll,
analyzeOnly: analyzeOnly,
coreSource: coreSource,
disableInlining: disableInlining,
enableMinification: minify,
trustTypeAnnotations: trustTypeAnnotations,
expectedErrors: expectedErrors,
expectedWarnings: expectedWarnings);
compiler.registerSource(uri, code);
return compiler;
Future<String> compileAll(String code,
{Map<String, String> coreSource,
bool disableInlining: true,
bool trustTypeAnnotations: false,
bool minify: false,
int expectedErrors,
int expectedWarnings}) {
Uri uri = new Uri(scheme: 'source');
MockCompiler compiler = compilerFor(
code, uri, coreSource: coreSource, disableInlining: disableInlining,
minify: minify, expectedErrors: expectedErrors,
trustTypeAnnotations: trustTypeAnnotations,
expectedWarnings: expectedWarnings);
return compiler.runCompiler(uri).then((_) {
'Unexpected compilation error(s): ${compiler.errors}');
return compiler.assembledCode;
Future compileAndCheck(String code,
String name,
check(MockCompiler compiler, lego.Element element),
{int expectedErrors, int expectedWarnings}) {
Uri uri = new Uri(scheme: 'source');
MockCompiler compiler = compilerFor(code, uri,
expectedErrors: expectedErrors,
expectedWarnings: expectedWarnings);
return compiler.runCompiler(uri).then((_) {
lego.Element element = findElement(compiler, name);
return check(compiler, element);
Future compileSources(Map<String, String> sources,
check(MockCompiler compiler)) {
Uri base = new Uri(scheme: 'source');
Uri mainUri = base.resolve('main.dart');
String mainCode = sources['main.dart'];
Expect.isNotNull(mainCode, 'No source code found for "main.dart"');
MockCompiler compiler = compilerFor(mainCode, mainUri);
sources.forEach((String path, String code) {
if (path == 'main.dart') return;
compiler.registerSource(base.resolve(path), code);
return compiler.runCompiler(mainUri).then((_) {
return check(compiler);
lego.Element findElement(compiler, String name, [Uri library]) {
lego.LibraryElement lib = compiler.mainApp;
if (library != null) {
lib = compiler.libraryLoader.lookupLibrary(library);
Expect.isNotNull(lib, 'Could not locate library $library.');
var element = lib.find(name);
Expect.isNotNull(element, 'Could not locate $name.');
return element;
types.TypeMask findTypeMask(compiler, String name,
[String how = 'nonNullExact']) {
var sourceName = name;
var element = compiler.mainApp.find(sourceName);
if (element == null) {
element = compiler.backend.interceptorsLibrary.find(sourceName);
if (element == null) {
element = compiler.coreLibrary.find(sourceName);
Expect.isNotNull(element, 'Could not locate $name');
switch (how) {
case 'exact': return new types.TypeMask.exact(element);
case 'nonNullExact': return new types.TypeMask.nonNullExact(element);
case 'subclass': {
return new types.TypeMask.subclass(element,;
case 'nonNullSubclass': {
return new types.TypeMask.nonNullSubclass(element,;
case 'subtype': {
return new types.TypeMask.subtype(element,;
case 'nonNullSubtype': {
return new types.TypeMask.nonNullSubtype(element,;
}'Unknown TypeMask constructor $how');
String anyIdentifier = "[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*";
String getIntTypeCheck(String variable) {
return "\\($variable ?!== ?\\($variable ?\\| ?0\\)|"
"\\($variable ?>>> ?0 ?!== ?$variable";
String getNumberTypeCheck(String variable) {
return """\\(typeof $variable ?!== ?"number"\\)""";
void checkNumberOfMatches(Iterator it, int nb) {
bool hasNext = it.moveNext();
for (int i = 0; i < nb; i++) {
Expect.isTrue(hasNext, "Found less than $nb matches");
hasNext = it.moveNext();
Expect.isFalse(hasNext, "Found more than $nb matches");
Future compileAndMatch(String code, String entry, RegExp regexp) {
return compile(code, entry: entry, check: (String generated) {
'"$generated" does not match /$regexp/');
Future compileAndDoNotMatch(String code, String entry, RegExp regexp) {
return compile(code, entry: entry, check: (String generated) {
'"$generated" has a match in /$regexp/');
int length(Link link) => link.isEmpty ? 0 : length(link.tail) + 1;
// Does a compile and then a match where every 'x' is replaced by something
// that matches any variable, and every space is optional.
Future compileAndMatchFuzzy(String code, String entry, String regexp) {
return compileAndMatchFuzzyHelper(code, entry, regexp, true);
Future compileAndDoNotMatchFuzzy(String code, String entry, String regexp) {
return compileAndMatchFuzzyHelper(code, entry, regexp, false);
Future compileAndMatchFuzzyHelper(
String code, String entry, String regexp, bool shouldMatch) {
return compile(code, entry: entry, check: (String generated) {
final xRe = new RegExp('\\bx\\b');
regexp = regexp.replaceAll(xRe, '(?:$anyIdentifier)');
final spaceRe = new RegExp('\\s+');
regexp = regexp.replaceAll(spaceRe, '(?:\\s*)');
if (shouldMatch) {
Expect.isTrue(new RegExp(regexp).hasMatch(generated));
} else {
Expect.isFalse(new RegExp(regexp).hasMatch(generated));