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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:analysis_server/src/edit/edit_dartfix.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/analysis/results.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/ast/ast.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/ast/visitor.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/engine.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source.dart';
import 'package:analyzer_plugin/protocol/protocol_common.dart';
/// [NonNullableFix] visits each named type in a resolved compilation unit
/// and determines whether the associated variable or parameter can be null
/// then adds or removes a '?' trailing the named type as appropriate.
class NonNullableFix {
final EditDartFix dartFix;
/// The current source being "fixed"
Source source;
/// The source file change or `null` if none
SourceFileEdit fileEdit;
int firstOffset;
int firstLength;
void addEdit(int offset, int length, String replacementText) {
fileEdit ??= new SourceFileEdit(source.fullName, 0);
fileEdit.edits.add(new SourceEdit(offset, length, replacementText));
/// Update the source to be non-nullable by
/// 1) adding trailing '?' to type references of nullable variables, and
/// 2) removing trailing '?' from type references of non-nullable variables.
void applyLocalFixes(ResolvedUnitResult result) {
final context = result.session.analysisContext;
AnalysisOptionsImpl options = context.analysisOptions;
if (!options.experimentStatus.non_nullable) {
final unit = result.unit;
source = unit.declaredElement.source;
// find and fix types
unit.accept(new _NonNullableTypeVisitor(this));
// add source changes to the collection of fixes
source = null;
if (fileEdit != null) {
dartFix.addSourceFileEdit('Update non-nullable type references',
dartFix.locationFor(result, firstOffset, firstLength), fileEdit);
class _NonNullableTypeVisitor extends RecursiveAstVisitor<void> {
final NonNullableFix fix;
void visitConstructorName(ConstructorName node) {
// skip the type name associated with the constructor
void visitExtendsClause(ExtendsClause node) {
// skip the type name associated with the extends clause
void visitImplementsClause(ImplementsClause node) {
// skip the type names in the implements clause
for (TypeName typeName in node.interfaces) {
void visitOnClause(OnClause node) {
// skip the type name in the clause
for (TypeName typeName in node.superclassConstraints) {
void visitTypeName(TypeName node) {
// TODO(danrubel): Replace this braindead implementation
// with something that determines whether or not the type should be nullable
// and adds or removes the trailing `?` to match.
if (node.question == null) {
final identifier =;
if (identifier is SimpleIdentifier) {
if ( == 'void') {
fix.addEdit(node.end, 0, '?');
fix.firstOffset ??= node.offset;
fix.firstLength ??= node.length;
void visitWithClause(WithClause node) {
// skip the type names associated with this clause
for (TypeName typeName in node.mixinTypes) {